Bid, paid now seller not wanting to sell!

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  1. Saw a jacket on Evilbay. Had a reserve plus a buy it now price and offered free postage. Watched till the last day then bid on item. Won at reserve and paid straight away (literally a minute after close of listing). Price included free postage.

    Well, just received an email from seller saying they made a mistake with the listing and free postage was with the buy it now price (no where in the listing does it say that though as checked). Seller then says they'll refund me.

    Have sent an email back saying I'd be happy to pay something towards the postage, say 5 pounds but that I wanted the jacket and as it was their mistake and I had paid, they were legally obliged to send the item. The seller only has 3 sales after their name so could have been a genuine mistake but I have a feeling the jacket sold for a lot less than they hoped and that by refunding they will relist it at a higher price! Is there anything else I can do? I really want the jacket but its not my fault they put too low a reserve on it!
  2. I think you're right but there's nothing you can really do here. You can't make the seller sell. What you can do is refuse to agree to cancel the transaction and make the seller jump through hoops instead, but the bottom line here is you need your money back.
  3. Awww, it sucks but you can't force them to send you the jacket. As said above, you can refuse to cancel the transaction so the seller can't get their fees back and you can leave negative feedback. They must have wanted more for it, it's hard to believe they would rather refund the purchase price then send the free shipping, especially since you offered some money towards shipping which you really did not have to do.

  4. I've refused to cancel at the moment and will see what they say..there was a 150 pound difference between their reserve price and buy it now so I'm guessing they were looking for nearer the top end and are a bit miffed that no one else bid against me. Honestly, why put a low reserve then?! Just put the buy it now with a long selling time instead. Might take a bit longer to sell but you'll get what you want for it.

    Guess I'll just have to hope they accept my offer to pay some of the postage...
  5. ^^The whole point of a reserve is it's the minimum they're willing to sell it for. eBay is slow at the moment - I've had a pair of shoes go for .99 which of course was a significant loss, but I honoured the transaction. This seller is not playing by the rules. Good luck and let us know what happens.
  6. That's a scam. Sellers get higher rankings in search if they offer free postage. But they can't do it just for a BIN.
  7. It's a new seller (only got 3 transactions) so think it was a genuine mistake but I do think they should honour the sale given it was their mistake not mine.
  8. The problem with the low starting price and the BIN price these days is that there has to be a 10% difference between the 2. If you are talking about a high priced item that you want, say, $2,000 for, you need to start the bidding at $1,800. Here's the problem I have had. I want $XXX, but if I make that my BIN the auction starting price is too high, but if I make my auction starting price the amount I want, then my BIN is going to be through the roof. Purely from a seller standpoint you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.
  9. I would definitely make the seller sweat it out. You won the reserve and she should ship to you for free.
  10. You can make the auction price as low as you want. Say you want $2000 for a bag, you can set the BIN at $2000 (if you wanted to) and start the auction anywhere from .99 to $1800. Not sure why the auction price is too high? Did you mean too low?
  11. Seller didn't think the item would sell and said that she had contacted eBay about offering free postage on bin but not on reserve but hadn't received any cory back so had forgot about it. Said she would post if I paid the postal charges (and quoted about 16 pounds). Checked Royal Mail website and if below 2 kg it should be 8.65 so have said I'll send her that...will wait and see what she says...
  12. Not really sure what the seller is up to now because it was her mistake not yours. You are not obligated to pay one penny for postage.

    Incidentally I don't doubt that postage might be £16 for tracked postage especially for such a heavy item - and I would never send internationally using anything less. But that's not the point here.
  13. If she says its any more than 8.65 then I'll say its her mistake again and that I'm reporting her to eBay as I'm not being held to ransom because she didn't figure postage into her calculations. I've offered to pay towards the postage which is more than a lot if buyers would!
  14. Yes, I meant too low. D'oh!
  15. Update - seller obviously didn't want to sell at the lower price as refunded my money then refused to send item! Contacted eBay so they are going to investigate but she claims eBay had already paid back her listing fees as they bought the story of her being a new seller and an honest mistake. She claims that because I didn't agree to pay all the postage fees straight away that's why she didn't send! Trying to make it look like it was somehow my fault! Have reported and left negative feedback (first time I've ever had to do this). Hope she gets booted off ebay!