Bid on a fake item

  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread...

    Help! I bid on an item on eBay, with pictures that LOOKED authentic... but then when I actually took a look at the close-up pictures the lady sent me (after I made my bid) I realized that the purse was in fact, a fake.

    She's not responding to my messages, can I somehow retract a bid because the item isn't what I expected??
  2. i think you need to speak to eBay
  3. I agree, contact eBay if this seller doesn't get back to you. She will get her auction shut down if she is saying it is authentic and it is not. Good luck
  4. There used to be a feature on ebay that allowed a bidder to automatically retract a bid. The last time I used it was years ago so I don't know if it exists any longer. Now under your Buyer's Rating they have a listing of Number of Bids Retracted so there must be something like that available. I'd suggest fishing around on the ebay menus a bit under My Ebay. And definitely contact ebay if you think the item is a fake. They may very well pull the auction. I've seen them do that. Good luck!
  5. yes u can retract a bid within a certain time frame..glad u find out its a fake before auction ends:tup:
  6. I'm also glad that you found out before the auction ended. Retract ASAP!
  7. Copy item number.

    Click on "History: 2 Bids" on the auction page. This takes you to the list of bidders and amounts.

    Just under that list is a clause:
    If you and another bidder placed the same bid amount, the earlier bid takes priority. You can retract your bid under certain circumstances only.

    Click on "retract"

    Scroll down, click on where it says To retract a bid, use the Bid Retraction form.

    Paste item number in box, select one of the options, and click on Retract Bid.