Bid History changes??

  1. I just started getting this message when I try to check out bidders on auctions:
    I don't think they were listed as private - because I could see them yesterday? and it doesn't appear on all the auctions I check out :confused1:
    Does anyone know if this is something new?
    Thank you!
  2. Yes, eBay changed this a couple of months ago. They hide the names of bidders to protect them so that scammers can't make dodgy second chance offers. What's frustrating is that this new format makes it next to impossible to spot shill bidding. We all know that ebay relies on ebayers to report shill bidders! They certainly don't do it themselves with their *advance* technology.
  3. Thanks -- you know, I find it odd that its so hit and miss with hiding the bidders.
    Some auctions you see them and others you don't - think theres any method to that madness?
  4. ........if if the bid reaches £100 and over then the bidders identities are hidden, under £100 all bidders are seen.
  5. Love how they called them the "bad guys." Who is writing these blurbs? :lol:
  6. They arent doing it to all auctions yet, they are doing it on random auctions right now to see if it helps. Thats what a CS person at ebay told me anyway.
  7. .......on ebay UK, I think it's every auction over £100.......could be different on the US site though.
  8. I think it might make it a little easier to spot shillers because it shows how many times the bidder has purchased from the seller -- but this could be a happy return buyer or a shiller I guess.
  9. I noticed this too! I personally would rather see the bidding history!!