bicolour lindys?

  1. just wondering if bicolour lindys exist? never seen one, but i'm going crazy over bicolours... :drool:
  2. I saw them a few weeks ago. The combination were kind of not my style - a little ho-hum as I personally like brighter colors-
    - etoupe/graphite
    - black/gris t

    there is another two-tone that is a variation of the colors above
  3. Hi Lumine! Missed you at our outings!

    There's a tolie/leather combo too.
  4. thanks allaboutbags. i also prefer brighter colours =)

    hi lyannastark, yar i have been rather inactive here (but actively searching for new bags, haha! in my head first...)
    i do have a toile etoupe lindy, but wondering if the leather-leather combo will be the same, as in the parts of a different colour.:smile:
  5. I´ve seen the toile/leather one, it´s beautiful