Bicolor Suggestions??

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I haven't posted in awhile but it doesn't mean I haven't been doing any H shopping. ;)

    So I recently fall madly in love with bicolor. I was fortunate enough to locate a bicolor on my last trip and absolutely love it! It's a indigo/blue jean combo in 30.

    My question now is what bicolor combo should I order in July? And leather choices?

    Any suggestion is appreciated.
  2. What are the colors in your wardrobe? What colors do you "wear" the best?
    It really is a matter of personal preference. If you want something neutral to carry with most everything or if you really wanted something that POPS!!!!
    I will be placing an SO in July for a bi-color Birkin. Still debating on the colors.
    Etoupe w/ Rose Shocking inside is very pretty - neutral yet still POPS :smile:
    Choco w/ H orange is also very nice.
  3. Hi Penny,
    Isn't the color choice daunting? I went through the special colors thread and didn't see anything jumping out at me.

    I wear mostly tees and jeans on the daily basis. Very casual normally. My wardrobe consists of neutral colors, such as blk, white, brown and so forth.

    At first I was thinking of something neutral, like etoupe or chocolate, but then I thought perhaps I should go with something more daring? Nothing too over the top but still different.

    What are about your leather choice?
  4. Naf naf,

    Just saw a bicolor last week, in box leather : Rouge H + Orange.... with palladium hdw. Gorgeous!

    In box leather , I have seen : Chocolate +cyclamen, Black+chocolate, Black+orange

    In Togo : Indigo+BJ, Vert olive+Vert anis, Potiron +gold, Chocolate+black, Orange+fuchsia, Etoupe+fuchsia, Bleu Jean+etoupe....

    In Epsom : Chocolate+orange, Raisin+cyclamen, White+orange, white+navy, white+Red

    I think you can let your imagination go and order what you like more....

    The bright lining is always very nice ....!
  5. Thanks Perlerare!!

    Raisin+cyclamen sounds intriguing. I'm thinking fjord, vl or chevre? No togo, clemence or epsom for sure.
  6. Chevre sounds easier to me, because there are so many colors available...
  7. What about raisin and violet?
  8. I love the idea of a very striking interior colour and they look absolutely gorgeous! I'm more of a neutrals girl and would love combos like vert olive/vert chartreuse, vert olive/toundra, chocolate/potiron, chocolate/bisquit, ...
  9. Black chevre with rouge H chevre trim and interior, with ruthenium hardware. It was a special order and is absolutely the most understated elegant look. I also like vert olive, with vert anis trim and interior -- that's a special order I'm waiting for now.
  10. Raisin + cyclamen or fuchsia or violet sounds smashing!
    I also love chocolate + potiron or orange
  11. Saw a 35 chocolate birkin with rose shocking interior on the shelf, it was very cool! In box I think.
  12. Decades had (and has since sold) a chocolate with vermillion interior and piping - very pretty! It's still up on their web site if you do a search using keyword Hermes. I think the leather was togo.
  13. OK I know this will sound odd but what about yellow and black a bumble bee Birkin? Or a very cool Black and white like a penguin bag white bellied black flaps and piping! It could be really awesome...
  14. white and indigo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Where do you place a special order???????????? at which store????????????plz let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!