Bicester - what do you want?

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  1. Intending to go to Bicester tomorrow (everything permitting), just wondered if anyone wants me to look out for a bag? I know Ali Bagpuss went recently (this week I think?) but as the stock usually changes today, there might be some new stuff?
  2. Can you check the medium and small mabels out please? I really want an aqua or midnight in medium and am open to suggestion for mini colours!
  3. If they have an oak bays could you let me know!!! thanks!
  4. I'm still looking for a PINK MILTON PURSE please! and obviously Red Mabel but I doubt they'll have one of those!

    Have a nice day (check out the scarves at Alexander McQueen too - I wish I had got a new one when I was there!).
  5. I'm with pheebs-any info on medium mabels would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Have a lovely day.
  6. Oh Ali Bagpuss I wish you had said at the beginning of the January sales you wanted a pink milton purse - because a shop in Guildford had one for sale. If its the same one its was about £250? reduced to £95. I remember because I thought that's a huge reduction and they had some strange Mulberries in the window reduced - black milton grab bag, pink/brown leigh, bronze bay and the bay with the butterflies on the front. last year they had a python Aygess reduced to £447 and I still kick myself for not buying it (reduced from £895). I will look out for you.
  7. AARRRGGGHH! This is not fair! WHY do I have to live in Scotland? I want to go to Bicester and see the miltons and cath kidston and the Alexander McQueen scarves and spend loads of's just not fair!!!!!:crybaby:

    Have a lovely time though and hope you find something nice!x
  8. Robert the Bruce would be furious with you!
  9. ^^^ If he gives me marni, Alexander McQueen and a Mulberry outlet I will forgive him! Maybe its a good thing though or I'd be skint!
  10. a patent east west please
  11. A makeup case that can be used as a clutch, preferably with a postman's lock - and would be amazing if it were crinkled patent but would settle for something else :smile:

    I know, not as exciting as a bag!
  12. A slice of banana cake from Pret please, and could I have it soon as starving!
  13. Off topic I know but OBR - you haven't got your Oak Roxy mentioned in your signature!?
  14. ^^^^no, and even more ot, I have noticed that you DO have a black togo 35 birkin :faint: you lucky thing
    was there a reveal?
  15. No reveal but there are modelling pics on the Your Hermes In Action thread! Post number 23782!