bicester visitor discount card

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  1. i am leaveing sunday morning at 8am, does anyone have the email that entitles you to collect a discount visitor card, to use in the different stores and outlets...
    could you email me a copy please...taking my mulberry virgin friend and think this will be an expense day

    thanks all xxx
  2. Morning, you can just go to the customer centre and fill in the form to receive 10% off card. Have a fab day - looking forward to see your review/reveal!
  3. Failing that, look up Bicester Village's website, and there's a link to register with them - you'll then get an email that when you click on it, the voucher will download via PDF

    Here's the link

    Have a good day!!
  4. im going too.. this week.. i registered myself about a week ago but never got a discount voucher.. i would really love to get one.. if someone could post one??
  5. ^^ Sorry to hear that - I got an email pretty much straight away, but it took me a while to find out where to 'click' to then be able to download the voucher.

    Have you tried clicking within the actual email?

    Kelly - how did you get on today??
  6. nearly a white mitzy hobo, but at 346 for subs didnt think i should!?

    so all i came away with was 2 cans of collonil...(and a links of london silver ring, 2 baby ralph lauren t shirts for my sister's unborn baby, and a pret lunch!)

  7. awh, never mind... Have to admire your willpower though. When I went to the meet, I was just going to buy a purse (if that), but ended up with a bag & 2 belts instead!

    Did they have anything much different to the recent lists?