Bicester Village with my fab brother

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    Today was a gr8 day i wasn't expecting.;)
    My brother took me to Bicester to buy my birthday pressy.
    I could have had cash but i decided it would be fun to go and buy something from the Mulberry outlet.
    After spending 4hrs and nearly buying the conker camera bag or mini pumpkin alexa i decided no i will go for something smaller as i have bought enough lately and i am really proud of myself for doing so. I was so close to buying yet another big bag. I looked around Ted Baker,Gucci, etc etc to find something else but no couldn't find anything i actually liked why break a habit of a lifetime. I came to see the outlet so i must have something from there.

    The conker push polly gloves in conker were nearly bought but i have a pair in fudge so decided no.
    My brother bought a Lacoste jacket and some levis jeans.
    Had lunch in Pret a manager my little one was so good as well.
    :yahoo: The best present he has ever got me.
    Any guesses to what it might be?
    Here's a small clue;
  2. Well?
  3. Hi hun.....go on, spill! true to form I don't have a clue hehe!....:graucho::biggrin:
  4. Lovely brother you have! Sounds like you had a lovely day :smile:

    Clue please!
  5. Ahh thanks i really did Cupcake look again at the top and more clues are coming.
  6. Hiya ok hes another clue u might get it now.
    I had one but it was the wrong colour yellow patent so sold it and was sad about it for a while this is the colour i wanted.
  7. Bays iphone bag?
  8. Is it eggplant Kristen?
  9. Something in eggplant? Kristen??
  10. let me seeeeeeeeeee
  11. Eggplant Kristen as well :smile:
  12. and Bagstar
    Well done guys good guessing thats the one and i love it so much.
  13. Gorgeous colour!
  14. It's lovely - a great little bag in a delicious colour!
  15. Wow it looks so much nicer in this colour. The leather looks fab, well done :yahoo: