Bicester Village Questions

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  1. Hi everyone - I am new to Mulberry.

    I will be in London next week and was eager to explore some of the Mulberry outlets. From the search of the forums - it looks like Bicester Village is the closest to London. Is that correct?

    I don't have access to a car. Is it possible to get there using public transportation and how far away is it from central London?

    And does anyone how the UK outlet prices compare to US prices?

  2. Hiya, welcome to the forum! I haven't been here long myself but this is such a lovely friendly place, you'll love it :smile:

    I also live in London but don't have a car. I'm planning on trying the trip to Bicester at least for the meet in May, but hopefully before too. I'll let you know how I get on :biggrin:

    Toni xx
  3. There is a train and then a shuttle bus. I had my first trip there in March. I did pick up three men's wallets as gifts...(okay, and a little wallet for me...and an Alfie...!)
  4. hello, i'm pretty new to this site too. Everyone here is so friendly I'm addicted. I've been meaning to get to bicester, but haven't made it yet. Let us know how you get on.
  5. Hi All -

    Thanks for the replies and info. Still a bit confused on the routing. I am familiar with some of London and with using the tube. I am sure it will be easier to figure things out once I am there.

    Hopefully I can make it there.