Bicester tomorrow for me!!!

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  1. Well, following on from ditab's visit it's my turn to go tomorrow!!:yes: I hadn't particularly planned it but realised I could go tomorrow as I'm not working after teaching 1 student at home in the morning & the boyf is away:graucho:
    The reason for this is that I recently ordered an oak phoebe mail order from an outlet & though I had seen the bag before & love the look, I have decided it's not for me. I find it heavy & think I prefer a less structured look, but it looks great on other people! So it's going back for vouchers or an alternative! Will have a good look around & let you all know if I come back with anything else. Any suggestions? What are your favourites? I'm looking for a medium all purpose bag - smart/casual.:shrugs:
  2. Hope you have a great day and let us all know what you decided on.

    Also would be great to know whats about as I am going to Bicester next saturday!!!
  3. You lucky girls!!! How about Jody if there are any in the outlets yet??

    I need to get my new digi camera out and take some better pics. Will try and post some this weekend as I am just dying for someone else to get a Jody. Love that bag!
  4. weird, i am going the week after :biggrin: will be my first visit

    have fun tomorrow blueberry :smile: you must tell us what you score :biggrin:
  5. I've already planned my next visit early June - I'm trying to get hubby to go there before then as well as I've got another 10% voucher page from Grazia to use!

    We are still expecting his bonus to be paid shortly so I'm hoping to be able to talk him into getting another Mulberry Bag.
  6. Have a fab time :tup:
  7. Well???? Did you buy anything? If so, what? Come on...spill??!
  8. So, yesterday at Bicester.........well the journey from SW London/Surrey was fine, even M25 was reasonable! And I found Bicester really easily, but then suddenly cars everywhere!! They were parked all along the little road to the car parks, so I pootled all around one car park, watched a potential punch up start as one 4x4 nicked a space another 4x4 wanted, then pootled up to the bigger further away car park, round & round, & EVENTUALLY got a space when someone was leaving. It was about 2pm by this time. So my advice would be either go early, (I couldn't, was teaching), or go by train, or avoid Saturdays/school hols. Same as Ikea!:cursing:

    Anyway, took my phoebe in its dustbag & box with receipt & found Mulberry really quickly - I was at that end. It's much bigger than I thought! Bags everywhere!!:yahoo:
    Anyhow, very quickly an SA came up to me & I explained I wanted to exchange the phoebe. He was very helpful indeed & later I thought he was probably the store manager. He also said he would honour the Grazia 10% off without me needing to go all the way to the visitor centre which of course was the other end of the "village". So the I had a good look around. Here's some of what they had:
    oak phoebes!
    a selection of scotchgrain bags
    a selection of congo leather bags
    lots of messenger bags, mostly quite big
    nude blenheim with tassels
    nude phoebe with tassels
    tasselled coconut roxanne
    lemon roxanne
    lemon alana
    kensington in oak & I think black too
    antonys with no pocket - the bordeaux is a lovely ruby red - tempted!
    2 jonis, 1 brown, 1 cream/off white - tempted again!
    canvas roxanne - 2 colourways
    gold mabel - not nice
    patent hot pink bayswater - not sure

    Didn't look at wallets/purses but I think there were plenty. But my final choice was a toss up between the oak somerset tote at £276 or the aqua roxanne at £416!! I spent AGES putting my stuff in & out, trying them on, not letting them go, & I just couldn't decide!!! I needed some of you ladies with me! In the end they held them for an hour while I went for a cup of tea - & wrote down the bags I could remember, & some pros & cons about the 2 bags. :girlsigh:
    I liked the roxanne becouse she was so slouchy & soft, & a beautiful colour, & closes at the top. I liked the somerset because it was such a classic colour, cheaper, & not so vulnerable to dirt, & I know the oak looks fab when it's older. I didn't know about the leathers as I only have darwin so far, somerset is tumble grain & roxy glove I think.

    Anyway, went back, went through the whole process again:rolleyes: & FINALLY went for somerset!! Phew!!:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    I am very happy with it, it's light & classic, & smells lovely. It will be really practical, can just chuck everything in & even get a Grazia mag in if I want! (more offers please!!) I used it straight away & it felt great. Also I really didn't want to spend any more money & I would have had to on roxy. And I know I would have been paranoid about getting marks on that pale blue. There was already the slightest of marks on one of the pockets which I kept trying to rub off! BUT I TOTALLY get the roxy thing now!!! I really didn't get it before, but MAYBE I'll start saving for one next, now I know what all the fuss is about:angel:

    Oh & the best thing is that I have a little bit of credit at Mulberry!! Sorry this got so long, but I wanted to share my experiences!!
  9. Congrats on your purchase. I know that not many people here have bags from the Somerset range but I really think it's under-rated as the shoulder bag and tote in particular are fantastic bags. Very practical and stylish.

    Your list of the bags reminded me of the ones I'd forgotten :lol: The teeny-weeny Belles and the scotchgrain section :confused1::lol: in particular.

    Glad you had a nice day out :tup:
  10. Ooo good report blueberry! Glad you had a great time and congrats on the Somerset tote. I love that bag, great choice!!

    I keep being tempted, but whenever I've been in the mood to buy, they've never had it in the outlets :hysteric:

    Don't suppose they had any more did they?? :girlsigh:
  11. Im glad you had a great day... so jealous you are near Bicester!!

    That credit will be so tempting! What colour roxanne do you think you might get? *noseysmilie*

    Are you able to post pics of the somerset tote? Im not sure what this one looks like.
  12. Hi Aly, I don't think they had any more but I might well be wrong. So many bags there! Def worth a phone call if you're interested, & ring around all the others too. Glad you approve of my choice!

    Thanks to you too ditab, it certainly wasn't a bag I'd seen before or noted when I'd looked on the website, oops!:P But I think it's going to be very versatile.

  13. Hi hula! Well it took about an hour & a half, a good run, but the parking:cursing:!! Then I went to have dinner at a friend's & she's LESS than an hour away!!!!!!:woohoo: May have to go with her next time - only I'd be embarrassed about my mulberry spending:wtf:

    You're right about the credit note!! I'm going to try to be disciplined!

    And yeah I'll try to do some pics soon for you all:yes:
  14. Thanks Blueberry. Will call them tomorrow. In fact, I might even try and squeeze in a little visit this week. Does anyone know when the schools go back???

    And yup, def approve of your choice, I bet it looks fab!!
  15. Sounds like you had a fab day :smile: congrats on the purchase you must post some piccies for us :biggrin: