Bicester today.

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  1. I had a little jaunt to Bicester today & came back with a couple of bargains - the Gemini keyring for £17 (have been after one for ages) and the Milton purse in teal for the fantastic price of £75, down from £250.

    There were some good bags there - fuchsia Mabel, lots of Antonys & Joels, Milton hobos & shoulder bags in teal/marine, marine & pink, marine/teal shoulder bags, Leigh in pink, Leigh hobos, lots of the small vinyl square Roxy style messengers in red, navy & white, black congo Bays, Poppy hobos in black & mustard, mustard Poppy, green Maggie, white Poppy, navy large Roxy vinyl tote, oak large Roxy tote, nude Somerset, small Poppy in chocolate (didn't realise it was that tiny!), lots of new style Sohos, mono Mabel, maxi Mabels in pebble & denim blue, green Jacquetta, oak Mollies, purple/pink & red/orange Jemmas, green patent Bays, blue snakeskin A4 Roxy tote.

    I found a gorgeous multi colour silk scarf in one of the boutiques for £65 (down from £210) that will go brilliantly with turquoise Mitzy messenger, coral Agyness & aqua Mabel. I did have a look at the McQueen ones but those skulls give me the heebie jeebies!
  2. Wow- what a memory SJ. you'd have been great on the 'generation game'!!!! You need to do pics of your keyring and new wallet!!!
  3. I think it's a good job I live nowhere near Bicester after reading your description sarajane. The temptation would be too great! Your Milton purse is a great bargain :tup: I can't believe they have green maggies though. I was looking for one everywhere at the beginning of January but they were sold out everywhere. Oh well, after buying a Mitzy I think I'm over it... Maybe.
  4. Great deals sara! Do you mind posting pics of the Milton purse (wallet?)?

    Oh how I wish I lived near a Mulberry outlet, or even a store!
  5. Definitely a riffraff sized bag. Come on SJ we need piccies of everything.
  6. Oh that sounds like my kind of day out!!
    Well done.
    Can you remember how much the small choc Poppy was?
  7. piccies please of all your fab finds !
  8. Great bargains!! Congratulations!! 2 more nights before you get Mitzy...
  9. Another good list SJ, thanks. You didn't notice any Dahlia long purses by any chance did you?

    And yes, looking forward to the pics - would you be able to snap the scarf too, sounds very pretty :tup:
  10. Look forward to seeing the MM and new scarf combo, sound great.
  11. I'll do a load of pics tomorrow of my Mulberry bits & my new scarf. It's quite a different look for me as it has pink in it!
    Rachie, I picked the little Poppy up but forgot to check the price sorry. I did notice that all bags were back up to their usual outlet price.
    Alycat - I don't remember seeing the Dahlia purse but one of my chums might have done. I'll ask.
  12. ^^^ do you know if they had any more keyrings ??

    My mum is also a Gemini, I tried everywhere at Christmas, couldn`t get hold of one !!

    (Will they post keyrings ???)
  13. Hi SJ, sounds like you had a very successful shopping trip! Looking forward to pics of your keyring, purse and scarf.

    Btw, did they have another Gemini keyring? I'd quite like to have the gold coloured one to put on my pebble Mabel.
  14. Goodness, how many Geminis are there on here?!
    Dita & I both got a Gemini one & I got the impression that they weren't the last ones they had.
    Taz & Klp, they seemed to have quite a good stock of keyrings, it looked as if they had most of the astrology ones.
  15. ^^That's good to know. Will they post keyrings though as they're not handbags?