Bicester today!

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  1. So, I had a fab time at Bicester today and Mulberry was better stocked than I've ever seen it before :tup:

    Sadly I didn't write anything down and didn't really look at prices but from memory they had:

    Bloomy (Seville & Black) - £416 (loved the seville colour but think I prefer the Jody)
    Pink Patent Bayswater
    Pink Soho - £3something
    Gold small Soho
    LOADS of oak Phoebes
    Chocolate leaf Bayswaters (like Jo's)
    Lots of Antonys for £136 including ginger and bordeaux :heart:
    Effie in oak
    Rockley in oak
    Alfie in oak, olive & stone
    Euston in oak
    Roxy & Emmy in lemon
    Oak butterfly totes
    Choc maxi mabel £6something
    Mini Jonis in pistachio & cream
    Tangerine Angelica £97
    Canvas & Leather Roxannes - 2 colourways £1something

    That's really only the bags I stopped to look at. They had loads more, too. I swear, I've never seen it so well stocked.

    Far more accessories, too.

    Lots of wallets -one in pink, a few ginger ones with the double locks, Emmy & Alana wallets in various colours
    A vanilla thong purse keychain (which I bought!)
    iPod holders
    Mini Roxy keychain purse in oak £49
    A few of the red animal keyrings - horse head, cockerel & dog from memory, but they might have had a couple more
    2 pairs of leather gloves - sadly, not the leaf ones that Jo is after.

    Had a really lovely day out :yes: I got the above mentioned keychain (will do a photo later or tomorrow), an oilcloth tablecloth from Cath Kidston, an X charm from Links of London for our 10 year wedding anniversary in July this year (DH is getting me the charm bracelet but the charm was so cheap, I nabbed it now!) and a couple of pairs of shoes from Clarks for my toddler.

    So, all in all a success. That said, some absolute nutter in a van bumped into my car on the roundabout off the motorway and just drove off :wtf: Not too much damage - a dent and some scratches to the wing - but still. What an absolute @rse. We got the phone number and number plate and DH phoned him but he just denied everything :cursing: What are you gonna do, eh? :shrugs:

    Anyway, I think it bodes well for your trip next month, ladies :tup:

  2. If youv'e got the number ect you can still go via your insurance. A similar thing happened to me on a round about when a driver ran into the back of me cos i stopped sharply for tarffic. He claimed it was my fault and I swiftly took his number and made a claim against him. It was successful. Good luck. still a good day out!
  3. Great day except for the car!!!!

    Any choco Roxys???
  4. This idiot just swerved into my lane (was probably on a mobile or something :rolleyes:) I just don't want to go through my insurance as I've already got an outstanding claim with them - someone hit DH when he was parking just before Christmas and the claim still hasn't been settled by the other person's insurance company. Our £150 excess is still outstanding. I don't think the damage would be more than that so it's just not really worth it.

    Actually, it was a company van so we *could* pursue it with a small independent claim against the company - I might get a quote and see if it's worth it...

  5. No choco Roxys, I'm afraid. They only had lemon and the coconut/choc woven one (you wouldn't want that :nogood:)

    I know - annoyed about the car. I'm looking at it as the kind of damage that gets done in a car park when you're inside shopping and someone hits your car and then just drives off :cursing: We weren't hurt - it's not like the car doesn't already have other scratches. And I'm a great believer in karma so he'll get his :boxing:
  6. Karma!!! What goes around comes around!!

    That's why I just can't get on with a very expensive car! Too many dings and dents can happen!! Would much rather have my nice bag sitting next to me in my Toyota!! lol
  7. Tell me about it :yes: We live in a town centre and so don't even have off-street parking -we have to leave our car on the road outside our house overnight. Totally not worth having a shiny new car - we get so many scratches :rolleyes:
  8. I live in Georgian NewTown , Edinburgh where everybody has to pay permit parking which the council massively oversubscribe .However people do have Aston Martins , Porsches , Audis etc . It's a nightmare.....
    Thankfully I have a little mini.
  9. Any blue vinyl roxannes?? I cannot get my hands on this bag!!
  10. I agree about cars. Not worth it to have an expensive one!
    Like you I'd rather have a beautiful handbag.
  11. Thanks for that list ditab - especially as I have decided to go to Bicester myself on Saturday!! Not so sure it's a good idea for the bank balance tho:nogood: It's really helpful to know they're well stocked at the mo, tho dangerous! I'll keep you all posted with any purchases obviously:graucho:
    Sorry about the car ditab, puts a cloud over an otherwise lovely day.
  12. Have you got Grazia? I think that this week's issue has a 10% discount voucher for Bicester (including Mulberry ;))
  13. How annoying about the car! :tdown: Some people are just so unbelievably rude arent they? If I bumped into someone I would never dream of driving off! :nogood:

    Sounds like you had a good day apart from that though :tup:

    Dont suppose you know how much the animal keyrings are, and whether the dog was a daschund or a puppy? :lol:
  14. No - they only had the Lemon one when I went too otherwise I would have bought one!

    Do ANY of the outlets have Choc or Oak Roxy's?
  15. So sorry about the car Dita - I hope you can get it sorted out.