Bicester Tiny Reveals - Sun 7 Feb!!!

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  1. There was a time I could have gone on a night out just carrying that little key ring :nuts:
  2. Gorgeous:yahoo:
  3. Congrats on your cute newbies !

    Just love your comment "could not decide and so said "Ill take all 3"
  4. Oh these are really cute - congrats.
  5. those are so cute!
  6. beautiful, i love them all. congrats...
  7. Ells, they are so cute! I wouldn't have been able to choose between them either!
  8. Oh yay cute classic three little cuties! Well done NOT choosing one LOL!

    I have to say more than anything I'm so glad you have now at last managed to attach the photos! I'm still waiting for 30 Bays pic! It will replace Cloxley's Roxy mountain screen saver for sure :amuse:
  9. Well done ells - they are super cute & I couldnt have picked between them.
    They will look fab on any of ur bags :tup:
  10. Ells they are soooooo cute!
  11. Dinky or what :girlsigh:
  12. Lovely Ellie and I like your logic, that's my kind of logic too!
  13. Do you think they might give me some for nothing as well??
    Lovely little set, I can see why it would be hard to choose can't wait to see the bag collection.
  14. You and I sing from the same hymn sheet Ells! Only mine reads, 'If in doubt buy them both!' Not 'Buy all three!!!!!!!!!!' Gorgeous accessories. Well chosen, and so sensible. Hurry up with the collection pics now, really looking forward to them. They'll keep us good for hours......days...... weeks..... months??????
  15. Awwww Ells, they are adorable!! I would absolutely love one of these (did they have any more? :graucho:) Can see why you bought all 3 home with you! And for free, almost :P