Bicester outlet today

  1. Well went along to get the security tag removed from my new chocolate ivy bayswater and thought I'd try to de a little review of what I saw:

    table full of bayswaters- chocolate ivy (like mine!), ginger, olive, red one with different coloured red leathers at the bottom (don't know the proper name!) and a similar brown one. There were no plain chocolate/oak or black bayswaters.

    ledbury's under the table- mainly green (olive?) and ginger and one mauve coloured one ( lavender?)

    Oak phoebe on top shelf and also an olive one and some that were chocolate/oak combo. Didn't see any Annie's.

    Few emmies- oak/almond trim combo and chocolate/oak trim combo. There was a nice red one! Can't recall if there was a plain oak- there may have been- but I didn't see any choc or black ones.

    Aralines- in bottle green (lovely!!), claret and tangerine.

    I saw lots of oak blenheims. There were a couple black knightsbridges.

    Stone coloured joel and a ginger looking antony bag.

    If anyone is interested in the jaquetta I saw one at the back of the store- looked a pinky mauve colour but didn't get a close look as it was on a high shelf

    erm- can't think what else I saw- lots of older model bags too!

    Hope this helps!!!:yahoo:
  2. Wow that sounds like a great day out! I'm mainly looking for a choc Ledbury but did any of the other colours look any good, mauve sounds interesting??
  3. Looking at the ones there I think you should hold out for a chocolate one! It's a very cute little bag!
  4. I've been lusting after a red Bayswater for years :girlsigh:
    It is impossible to order one to Finland (I have asked the Helsinki store several times) and the online store never has it. Travelling to GB just for one bag would be a bit too much :smile:
  5. Thanks for this, Jo. I'm going on Saturday and have called them a couple of times this week to enquire about stock. Bit disappointed they don't have any Annies as I'd wanted to try one out. No Roxannes either :tdown: Not interested in those colour Phoebes but I guess I can try them out for size.

    Oh well, looks like it'll be a cheap trip for me :yes: Hope I don't wander up the road to Tod's instead :p
  6. I had a quick look in Tod's - some good potential work bags in there! I had to drag my 2 year old out of the Furla shop as he started trying to play with the umbrella's so only had the briefest glance at the bags! I've never been to the outlet before and would love to go back again without a small child in tow!
  7. My (almost) 2 yr old will be coming with me this weekend - I'll have to make sure he has a nice box of raisins to keep him entertained while I browse ;)
  8. My son loved the playground at the Mulberry end of the outlet!:tup:
  9. Mine was a little bit young for it when I was there in July but I'm thinking that he'll be ready for it now. They change so much in such a short space of time, don't they?

    Anyway, back OT. I'm really looking forward to going. Hopefully I'll see lots of nice things in Mulberry, but nothing too nice.

    Out of interest, did they give you a discount or something as you had to go out of your way to bring your Bayswater back?
  10. They were so apologetic i didn't ask!! but i should really have asked for the postage costs to be refunded seeing as I had to drive down there to get the tag removed. I live over an hour away so I spent about 3hrs in the car today!
    My son is almost 3 so loved the playground!
  11. Olive green Ledbury!!!!!!! :nuts:

    Too bad they don't ship overseas :cry:
  12. I don't suppose anyone knows what they have in in the way of purses at the moment?

    I'm thinking about popping over at the weekend as I need to go to Bodum, and I'll be much more likely to force myself to go if I can treat myself as well!
  13. ditab- did you get to the outlet on saturday and did you buy anything???
  14. No, we didn't go in the end. My friend wasn't really feeling up to it so we're going to go sometime towards the end of October. I'm quite pleased, really, as it'll give them a chance to restock with something that I'm interested in (black Annie, black Phoebe, glove Roxanne, etc).

    Roxford - Hi! Welcome to tPF!
  15. Hi Dita!

    Well, I went to Bicester Village yesterday afternoon, and bought an Emmy purse! I'm not sure what leather it is (Darwin perhaps? Can anyone help?), but the colour is coffee. It's lovely, very grown up, and I think it'll go nicely with my bronze Alana and oak Emmy (which is yet to be used). Very exciting!

    I didn't notice what else they had, as if I spent too much time looking, I think I'd have come away with more than the purse!