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  1. Not sure if this is the right thread, but I would like to ask for some opinions of the Mulberry store in the Bicester outlet. I have never been there before (as I live in Norway), but I am planning a 3 days stay in London this spring, and am considering if it is worth using a day to go to Bicester. Is the store big, do they have nice things?? I also would like to ask how far Bicester is from London.
    I hope some of you lucky guys who are able to visit Bicester on a reg basis can find the time to answer me.
    Thank you very much!
  2. The Mulberry Bicester store is not huge but they normally have quite a good range of things.

    This is the website for Bicester Village so you can see directions and what other stores are there etc.

    Bear in mind that the outlets sell mostly older season stock, outlet specials (which are slightly different designs - for example, the outlet special Antony doesn't have the front pocket) and sub-standard or slightly marked items.
  3. Are there any thumb finger rules as to how much one saves when buing from an outlet?
    And do you know how far bicester is from central London?
  4. ^^ Depends where you are staying but I think it's easiest to go to Marylebone station (on Bakerloo line, brown line on the tube map) and take Chiltern line - make sure it stops at Bicester North. (It's about 1h train journey I think, you can check timetable at Chiltern Railways' website.) Then short bus or taxi to the village.

    As for saving other ladies knows better than me...
  5. Normally items are discounted by about 30%
  6. Eliset, not sure if this is going to be any help but I lived in Oxford for two years (which is about 25 mins from Bicester), and I used to visit both Bicester and London regularly. If it were me I would get the Oxford Tube from London (a very reasonably priced coach service that runs every hour from London to Oxford and back) and then get a local bus from Oxford bus station to Bicester (which leaves every 30 mins or so).
  7. Just found this: - an adult return is £16. And then the X5 from Oxford (for example) gets you to Bicester in 35 mins for about £7 return.
  8. Everybody: thank you very much for helping me out!
    I am really looking forward to go, and must admit I always envy you guys when you are telling about your outlet-bargains! Thanks again!