Bicester List

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  1. It was very organised at Bicester today because everything was in colours, which it isn't normally there.

    I'm sure that some of the other girls will be able to add to this but these are the bags that I can remember.

    Firstly, the most surprising item was - BLACK MABEL! and it was still there when they closed £416

    Purple E/W Shimmy £416
    Black Jody, Tumbled Sheep I believe with Dark Hardware
    Fuschia Pink Roxy A4 Tote x 2 £297
    Teal Antony
    Burgundy Antony
    Straw A4 Roxy Tote £416
    Lipstick Bays Clutch £416 I think
    Black Bays Clutch £416
    Orange Mabels - Medium £297 and Small (can't remember price)
    White Poppy
    Chocolate Mabel
    Lipstick Roxy Tote (Large)
    Fuschia Bays £416
    Ocean Roxy A4 Tote £297 I think
    White Roxy
    Fuschia Mabel Medium and Small
    Viny Roxy Totes in Blue, Red and White
    White Patent Mitzy Hobo
    Red Patent E/W Bays
    Crimson (I think) Patent or Spazz Bays
    Black Maggies
    Somerset Pouches in Oak, Choc and Black
    Black Printed Leather Zinia
    Nude Somerset Tote
    Rose Mabel
    Ginger Leigh
    Blue Snakeskin Poppy
    Blue Hair Leopard Mabel - bargain at £650!!
    Blue Hairy Roxy - £650
    Large Magenta Shimmy
    Mauve Shimmy Tote
    Milton Snakeskin Clutches £175
    Lots of Letter Keyrings in Bronze, Red and Black
    Starsign Keyrings
    Lots of purses
    Black Daliah Tote
    Red Patent Giles Clutch
    Ocean Mabel, Medium and Small
    Mini Poppy in Orange and Chocolate
    Chocolate Jacquettas with bad piping!!!!!
    Lots of Printed Leather Bays and E/W Bays in Chocolate and Black
    White Hairy Bays
    E/W Shimmy in Pale Pink
    Lipstick or Pale Pink Mabel
    Lipstick or Pale Pink Shimmy Hobo
    See Through Vinyl Large Roxy Tote in Blue
    Lots of messengers
    Brown Leigh
    Black Small Mabel
    Maxi Mabel in Black
    Maxi Mabel in Fuschia
    Chocolate Joelle Pochette
    Chocolate Langford
    Lots of Belts

    Can you remember any others girls?
  2. well done Ali, what a great list!
  3. Wow thanks Ali!!

    On a general note, how can the Bays clutches be £416 when they were £495 at full price - wow a saving of £79...not even 20% off?!
  4. Erm... -
    black & white mabels
    (Small orange mabel was £197 price btw - remember cos it was less than I'd paid a few weeks back :sad: )
    Jaquettas in black & choc
    mini yellow poppy (unless got sold)
  5. Little Roxy vinyl messengers in white, navy & red.
    Ocean blue Jody (never knew they did it in that colour!)
    Green Maggies.
    Loads of Morgans in both sizes - black, burgundy, oak and choc.
    Ostrich Mitzy hobo in turquoise & pink
    Purple Shimmy tote in tumbled.
  6. Great list Ali! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity - there's nothing I want at Bicester! Phew!
  7. Wow, what a list! Thanks for letting us know Ali! I'd love to see that blue Jodi! Was it a big one? Does anyone remember the price of that?
  8. Great list Ali were there any Jody Shoppers
  9. And one mustard mabel hobo in soft spongy leather which isn't there anymore. You may recognize this bag as it is the exact same one SJ had bought and returned :lol:

    I'm very pleased with my bag, a bargain £321 with the discount card.

    What a great day, all the ladies were fun and very welcoming to us newbies. I drew the line at calling out forum names such as bluecat and ratrat but quite liked the sound of being chums with Lady Farquar!

    I very much liked Bluecats oak shimmy, very unusual and although I fear it may be a short romance I liked Lady Fs Burgandy Ant.

    I arrrived home just as Federer won Wimbledon so listening to the game on the radio made the journey go faster.


  10. Um, yeah - the bays clutches may have been less - I was trying to remember - they might have been £375 or something. I know that they were more than I wanted to pay! haha

    Its worth mentioning too that the disc on the front of the Black one was smaller than the one on the Lipstick because the Black one had a Oval Leather patch and then the Oval Disc on top - the Disc on the Lipstick one was the size of the Oval Leather patch on the black one.

    The Black one also had Silver Hardware which made it look really smart.
  11. Ah good you got it totegirl. You were still doing a twirl with it when I left. well done.

  12. It wasn't the shopper it was the regular size. I think it was £416. It was lovely, I tried it a couple of times. The black one was fab too - tumbled leather with black hardware. Miss Dee and I were both drooling over it.
  13. thanks so much for the list - there's at least one thing on it that I may appropriate tomorrow if it's still there! :smile:

    I couldn't come due to DH at cricket and me with 4 year old in tow. ended up at Heather Mills' new cafe on Hove seafront - once you could get served it was really nice, and she was working in there and also seemed very friendly - both of which surprised me in a totally good way. and they serve decent beer and wine, so i may go back, sans child! :smile:
  14. great list, sounds like you had a fab day
  15. Sounds like a great day out girls . Would love to have been their. Well done on all the fab purchases.