Bicester beckoned and I bit!

  1. For those in the UK, or ever intending to come anywhere near to the UK, I should warn you about my trip to Bicester village today. I last went to this designer outlet about 8 years ago but the prospect of an additional 10% discount card, a day's leave and an impulse to get out of London led me up the M40 to this wondrous place.

    Where to begin? Tods, Hogan, Furla, Anya Hindmarch, Mulberry, Dior, Boss, Versace, Lauren, Celine, Ferragamo, Burberry, LK Bennett, Jimmy Choo all compete for attention and all boast amazing reductions. After a frenzied hour or so of delighting in the choice, I handed my card over in the Tods/Hogan store and bought my first ever cream bag plus matching wallet. It is adorable and if I had not been restrained I could have adored so much more!

    I don't know if I should recommend it or not? If you go, you will be tempted but you will be delighted with your temptation!
  2. Congrats, Miss Sooky! Any pics, please? Or perhaps a longer description?

    PS I hope to visit the UK within the next two years - in particular Liverpool. No idea where Bicester is!
  3. I have been there once and it was 9 years ago when my family and I visited my brother in England when he was still an undergraduate in Nottingham. Alas, I wasn't into high end designer bags then (only bought a Burberry scarf and a few Ralph Lauren caps?!? DUH!). It's a completely different me today. I love bags and I spy some of my favourites listed there i.e. Tod's and AH.

    Would love to see your new acquisitions from Bicester. Pictures please?
  4. Congrats Miss Sooky :smile:. I have planned Bicester village as a fixed trip next time I come to the UK (actually was last week but only for two days so no time). I have seen the shops they have there:
    AH & Celine (OH my) also love Tods shoes....
  5. Bicester is in Oxford.
    PS: Liverpool is horrible. City looks down and dirty. Moreover, My car was hitted there by somebody that tried to stole something inside my car when am out of dinner.
  6. Vicky2007, thanks for the info on Bicester. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me Liverpool is beautiful. I'll be going there mainly to watch Liverpool Football Club in action :smile:
  7. I am deliberately staying out of the Liverpool debate! My husband supports Everton and that is enough pressure on Liverpool affiliations for me, now Bicester is a whole other story and yes, photos will follow when I am in a position to use the digital camera that sits looking sleek and beautiful in my study but is without a functioning battery at the moment! Meanwhile, everyone get to Bicester! 60 minutes from London, 60 minutes from Bristol, 30 minutes from Oxford and Birmingham and 1 step from handbag heaven!
  8. I was there yesterday too, (it's only 30 min drive for me) fortunately Jimmy Choo didn't have any size 39's in what i wanted :sweatdrop: . They did last time and it cost me a small fortune lol. I have banned myself from going for the next 2 months at least.
  9. Congratulations! I'd like to go to Bicester outlet next time I go to England (maybe next year to Liverpool for Beatles' week, I don't mind if the city isn't that good, I don't expect anything like London!)
  10. I've been studying in England for a whole year and I cant believe I havent been there yet! I've heard about it but never thought it'd be good!