Bibliotheque pochette

  1. I absolutely love, love, love this design. I read a lot and this design has special significance for that reason. (My absolute dream job was to be a librarian....).

    I've seen pictures of S'Mom's and Crochetbella's but what other colorways does it come in? I would be very grateful if someone would post pics! :heart:

  2. I believe it only comes in three colorways, a brown, a multicolor (navy background??) and a black/grey.
    I own the brown one, given to me recently as a gift by my wonderful friend :heart:
    I LOVE it!!
  3. This pochette is just fabulous IRL! Merika, you would love it!
  4. had this in their database. However, the size is given as 90cm which makes me think this is an older design reissued as a pochette?
  5. I think you might be right merika!
  6. Ooooh I sure would love to have it in a 90cm as well! :heart:

    The pochette's colorway in brown is deeper and less than than that, by the way.
  7. Here's a pic of mine...
    SF also had one in a blue background with bright green books. :yes:
  8. [​IMG]

    Thank you, Crochetbella! I LOVE this colorway!!
  9. the pochette is also avail in orange with reds. Madison Ave has this colorway.

    It's a very old design, I forgot how old but I vaguely remember it being 1940s
  10. ^^a pochette with a 'history'! How wonderful!!!
  11. OH MAN! Do I love this baby! I saw CB's and just flipped! Books are a BIG part of the ATG household! Not only am I a complete and utter book FIEND! My entire Family is book-mad!

    If the library near my house had a decent selection, I'd NEVER leave! As it is I buy WAY too many books, and read them WAAAY too fast!

    *sigh* just brought a second "big girl" this little baby will have to wait.

  12. That's the one I have! :tup:
  13. I'm so going to have to get this. I definitely am a book fiend -- over 300 books a year generally. So perfect as my first H scarf piece...

  14. cyn,
    think it is possible to show us a photo of it when it is knotted or something in action... I think i am falling in love with it too.
  15. ^^Yes, I'd like to see a picture of it in action too!! Thanks in advance!