Bibandtuck Bib + Tuck Any Experience/reviews?


Oct 6, 2006
I sold an item with no problem. I sent the item to the buyer directly after she purchased via the site (she messaged me prior to negotiate price).

Has anybody bought anything? Specifically, I'm wondering about authenticity and fakes. The photos aren't very good quality so details are really hard to see. Details about condition tend to be non-existent as well.


Drunk Shopper

Dec 2, 2013
Little Rock
I've made several purchases with them, a pair of Miu Miu pumps and Louboutin slingbacks specifically. The good thing is that they support their merchandise, so you return it directly to them for a refund. If it turns out to be fake, they charge the seller.

When I bought the CL shoes, I knew if I couldn't authenticate them I could send them back and get a refund, so I wasn't too worried. They were perfect.

Also, I love the "why I'm selling" question. I'm more likely to trust someone who says they can't walk in something or it doesn't fit.