Bianco - has anyone got a Toki bag in this print?

  1. I love the Toki solids - I have the 1st edition black in Bella Bella and the Arancia Bella :smile:
    I am thinking of getting a Bianco - maybe a Stellina
    I love white and the combination of white + the vachetta + gold accents makes the bag look really gorgeous to me :heart: :heart: :heart:
    BUT the thought of how quickly it'll get CRAZY DIRTY is just too horrifying :wtf:
    I'll probably use up a whole can of Scotchgard on the sucker and spray it nice and thick from top to bottom hahaha
    Has anyone got one and can share how it's working out for you?
  2. i forgot who, but she had a bianco dolce and she said its pretty clean when she uses it!! :biggrin:
  3. :lol: i'm the one with the bianco dolce and i recently got my mom a bianco buon viaggio but she hasn't used it yet...

    my dolce stays pretty clean but then again it's usually only on my arm and I don't put it down much except for counters like at macy's or something :lol: so yupp I haven't had any issues about dirt on it

    btw I saw a bianco stellina on eBay :drool: I think the bianco is by far my fave solid bag
  4. hehe tehlilone - I am eyeing that same Stellina Bianco...:sneaky:
    I am sure that you take very good care of your Dolce but If I get a Stellina it would wanna use it as a work bag which I can throw around and be rough on but want to keep pristinely white at the same time.. hahaha that's asking for too much isn't it - I am a bit :wacko: sometimes
    But If I get it I'm sure my bf will :lecture: me till my ears fall off (I have a Scuola and Luna in 1st edition black on the way - thanks to TokidokiLover! :yahoo:)
    I wish $$$ grew on trees...:girlsigh:
  5. You could always get that scotch guard stuff to keep your white bags clean. Most peopel here say that seems to help.
  6. I have a bianco bella but I'm still not sure whether i'm going to keep it. I dont like how you can see the wrinkles on it. Wrinkles + Dirt= an ugly bag
  7. Yep, that's true, the wrinkles stand out more on a solid bag...
    I bid on the Stellina on eBay but got "sniped" during the last 25 seconds :cursing:
    Well you win some lose some - it was just not meant to be I guess
    I don't see anywhere online (besides the LeSportsac website or eBay) that has Bianco... and the stores here are not bringing them in :sad:
    Anyone knows where I can get one?
  8. well we have them here on Guam..but the prices are higher than the states...would you be interested? I can help you find one if you want??
  9. I see them periodically at my malls... It's like they appear out of no where and then disappear. I couldn't tell you which mall had what though. Orange County has too many malls :p
  10. do they disappear cuz its sold or do they make it seem like its sold?? haha
  11. Can I hold you on to that? :p
    If given a choice now I'm not sure if I want a Stellina or a Mamma Mia (both are of the same price...)
    Those styles are around USD 170 over here... How much is it there?
  12. Yes I can help :biggrin: unless you can find someone else here from the states to help you which might be cheaper :graucho:

    Um...the Mamma Mia here costs $157, Im not too sure about the Stellina?? I think it might be the same price too cuz it retails for $130??
  13. ah it is soooo cheap in USA!! And I can't believe you guys have factory outlets too!! Tokidoki heaven over there!! *sigh* I'm here in Sydney, and there is only ONE store that sells Lesportsac. I saw the Nuvola Bianco and fell in love. It is simple, classy, and just stands out on its own with the white contrasted against the rainbow zippers. But it costs AU$350 (about US320)! Even from it costs only $184, and even with shipping and taxes it will cost around maybe $250. But they don't ship to Australia!! :crybaby:
  14. Woah! You are not kidding it is ridiculously expensive.
  15. yep too true!! I can't wait till I go to the US!! And there's JAPANLA and Metropark and Macys...

    How much is Nuvola Bianco in USA? Anyone know if any of the stores will ship to Sydney??? PLS???