Bianco...anyone have one?

  1. I'm tempted to get one, but the pure whiteness of the bags is scaring me! Does anyone have one? I'm thinking of getting a bella or dolce - I can't imagine keeping anything bigger clean!

    For those who don't have one, what style do you think you'd get/think is the best for the "print"? Ha ha!
  2. Oooooooh, I'd definitely never get a bianco just for the fact that it's PURE white. Scary. *lol* But if I were to walk into LeSportsac and they offered me bianco stuff for free, I'd get a denaro and probably MM.
  3. i like the bella
    i think the rainbow zippers look good on the solids
    and when you get bella in a solid color, you're not disrupting any print or anything
    i just got a notte bella a couple days ago, and i love it for those reasons
  4. I was very tempted to get something in bianco from the sale tomorrow but I just got a speck of something on my tutti and now I'm like forget it. I don't know if I could keep it perfectly clean.

    I was trying to decide between a bella, ciao, nuvola or dolce.
  5. I had one and it's beautiful!!!! but i ended up trading it cuz i have more than 1 white bag already. I think if you scotch guard it and use something to clean the strap (like woolite, oxyclean, etc...) once it gets dirty, it's VERY do-able.
  6. I have a bianco stellina, and it's gorgeous~ But you have to be prepared... if something does get on it, you can't be too angry or anything - since it *is* a white bag. Some green rubbed off of one of my shirts awhile ago, and stained part of my bag~ It still looks good, though, and a tide pen/magic eraser can take care of most little stains.

    If you're freaked out about getting it dirty, it's probably not a good idea haha~
  7. I don't have one...and I've only seen a few IRL w/ people and they were dirty O_O
  8. i saw a few in NY at macy's in april....
    they are absolutely gorgeous IRL. i'd get a bella, if anything. the white + rainbow zippers + gold hardware is soooooooo pretty.
  9. i have a ciao ciao. i change my purses all the time so i think i used it for like 3 weeks. the only thing that got dirty was the strap and i just used a mr clean eraser and it was fixed. i should have waited and got a bella. i think that is the best style for bianco
  10. I would love to get a L'Amore Zucca, just because it looks so elegant! But I won't dare using it! So, I don't think I will buy it, unless, of course I got a sponsor ... HAHA!
  11. same here, think they are beautiful on display but would be too scared to carry something pure white, unless it was like $20 bag, then i wouldn't care.

    I've seen about 4-5 bianco bag in real life and everyone i saw was dirty.
  12. I have a dolce and I :heart: it... I use it pretty frequently since early March

    I need to clean it but it's more so the strap (where it contacts the skin) than the actual bag... I guess the bag could use a clean but it's barely noticable :smile: if you take care of it

    I'll take a look at it later and maybe take pics of it's current condition since I haven't stared at it recently actually tho