Bianca Patent Leather in Black/Coral or Bianca Platform Pump in all Cork?

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  1. Hi Everyone
    I'm new on here , and am addicted to this forum ! :smile: I bought so many pairs of shoes the last 60 days it starts to make me feel really sick and nervous when I am trying them on at the dept store, LOL .They keep coming out with these beautiful really high patent leather platforms! CL's and YSL , :drool::drool: I saw these today and I wanted to take both home but have to wait until tomorrow (payday) but I really can't afford both pairs so wanted to ask your thoughts , you ladies have really great taste they have my size in both pairs!:confused1:
    The Bianca Multi Color or the Bianca Cork ? Thank you !

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  2. are the Biancas comfy? coz they look big on you...
  3. ^^ I agree....

    I'm actually not a fan of the cork and multicolor... but if I HAD to choose one I would go with the multicolor version... Cork seems ..... cheap IMO
  4. I have to agree with sumn. They look at least a half size too big for you. I personally don't like either but for you I think I would go with the slingback.
  5. I like both! They are both different and fun!

    I do think the cork version on the picture looks too big -that it will slip when you walk. If they have it smaller it might work better.

    I think I will vote for the Biancasling. I've got the Very Croise with blue/gold heel and it's such a different and fun shoes because of the colours! I get so many compliments.

    I know cork normally is a bit cheap, and I do understand you ladies.
    In this way -when it's the whole shoe, and not just heel or platform, I think it's unique and and very trendy.

    What about choosing the pair you will get most wear out of? Or do you have other sling-pairs?
  6. Tough call!!!! I think I'd go with the cork. I love the neutrality of it. They are both lovely though. Do make sure you have the right size. They look a wee bit big. :flowers:
  7. I am a HUGE fan of the Biancas, but unfortunately I am not too crazy about them in cork or in the multi-block-colors. Sorry .:sad:
  8. I love cork, but the black multi are more complimentary on you.
  9. I like the cork Bianca!!!. They both look great on you.
  10. Don't the cork get dirty very easily? If you go with the Bianca Sling be sure you are happy with the sizing as this style stretches quite a bit.
  11. The cork do look big on you. I am not really a fan of the cork or the multi. I'd prefer the slingback in a solid color.
  12. Like a lot of the ladies here, I'm not a massive fan of the cork or the multi-color. But if you like these styles, are happy with either, and get the right size, I think the multicolor looks better on you. Good luck and happy shopping!:biggrin:
  13. I am not really a fan of the cork or the multi. If I had to choose, I'd say the solid multi.
  14. What did you decide, OP?
  15. I must agree cork does look a bit cheap... What did you decide? I love the Bianca!!