Bianca owners

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  1. Hi everybody!
    I am new to Botkier and have absolutely fallen in love with the Bianca bag! I love how it combines classic elegance, with bad*ss cuteness:graucho:!
    My question is if anyone could possibly tell me of their experiences with the bag and maybe share some pics?
    TIA and have a fabulous day!
  2. Here's my large cherry Bianca that's 3 years old and I love it!

  3. I have a large black Bianca and it is so gorgeous. It is so soft and pillowy and is rock and roll yet effortless. I recommend it for sure! Here are some of the pics that pushed me to get my Bianca :smile:
  4. Thank you so much! They are indeed lovely! How lightweight is it?
  5. I actually have two, both mediums in black and that same cherry red.

    It's reasonably lightweight for a leather bag (my lightest of my Botkiers) and looks great on the arm and shoulder. Love it!!
  6. I have a medium black Bianca that is about 3 years old. The leather is soft and beautiful and I love it that I can carry it as a satchel or tuck it under my shoulder. I used it almost exclusively for the first year I had it, and it still looks like new. It is fairly lightweight and easy to carry. Three years later I'm still loving it!
  7. I'm looking for a large size in black, any hints? ..they are nowhere to be found...mediums all around :sad:
  8. ^I've been looking for one too...they occasionally pop up on auction sites...but I prefer buying one from a dept. store.
  9. wow, i had one i was going to sell, but then i carried it to work a few days and now you couldn't pry it from my cold dead hands :smile:

    there are some used ones on ebay that look pretty good. i got mine from my beaus mom, she said i could sell it but when i followed some auctions, they weren't going for much so i kept it. now i love it!
  10. Botkier releases new colors periodically, keep checkingthe Botkier website.
  11. I have a Cherry Red one that remians my favorite!!
  12. I just ordered the medium black Bianca from Amazon for $251! They're running a 30% off $80 purchase on select handbags, valid through January 24. :yahoo:
  13. I just ordered a medium black Bianca too! I absolutely cannot wait to get it, especially after reading this thread.

    I ordered from for $238. This is the first time I've ordered from them, but other posters on TPF have given it good marks. I figure if the bag is not completely perfect I can just send it back.
  14. Love the Bianca. Have it in red.

    But does anyone have any thoughts on the Ava Hobo v the Sasha Duffle? I'm really stuck between them.

    I think they both look amazing. But I've been told that the Ava Hobo is a bit flimsy + cheap looking in reality, and that the large Sasha Duffle would like luggage, even if i wore it as a hobo.

    Ah, decisions.
  15. Hey girls I'am thinking about getting the medium Bianca...Are you able to put it over shoulder and about how big is it?