Bianca medium $297

  1. Awesome deal. If I hadn't just bought all those HH's . . . :smile:
  2. Thanks! Does anyone know of any coupon codes?
  3. That is SUCH a good deal. I got the black on sale but not this reduced! Now I want this one too. Haha!
  4. Has anyone bought from footcandy before? Is it a reputable site? Because some of their prices are SO cheap. Makes me nervous.

  5. Been to the store in Walnut Creek, CA. Love their shoes! I would say they're reputable.
  6. I've been to the store in St. Helena and they're legit.
  7. That's a great purse! So tempted to buy it but I must resist.
  8. yeah, it's nice....but i really want it in gunmetal or cherry. guess i'll have to wait for a deal for awhile considering they don't make the gunmetal anymore and the cherry is brand new. sigh. :rolleyes: