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  1. i already have a large bianca in black and now came accross a chocolate one for a good price, but i am not sure wether to go for it or not. is it practical to have two of the same bags but just in diff colors? does anyone here own more than two biancas or more than one bag in the same style but in diff colors? thanks!!!:smile:
  2. I have several identical bags in different colors, go for it!
  3. I agree....
  4. Yup! I have two medium biancas in different colors. Love them!
  5. When I REALLY love a bag I like to own it in different colors too! The Bianca is definitely one I want to own mulitples of!!
  6. Kath, go for the chocolate brown as well, you'll love it. Bianca is such a great bag you will use it again and again and the different colors will just allow you to change them according to your moods and outfits. I have 4 biancas.
  7. ^wow halunfishie! you've got quite a collection there! :graucho: 4 bianca's! gotta q's for you - is the turnlock on your bianca/bianca's chipping? i noticed mine is chipped (so pissed!!!) and i even tried using a metallic spray thingy but it didnt work, it just rubbed right off.
  8. I haven't noticed any chipping on mine. There's a faint scratch on the piece that goes around the turnlock from the hardware hitting against each other but other than that, they look ok. FYI I've had 2 of them since June and the other 2 since December so I think they're holding up well.
  9. still struggling between the large and medium...
    I want both......
  10. I have a large black bianca and my turn lock is chipping as well. At first it kinda pissed me off, but now I don't mind it anymore. It's really not noticeable at all, and it kinda adds to a "worn in/loved" kinda look. :love:

    Anyway I say go for it! :yes: I think the bianca is such a practical bag. It's beautiful and functional, there's no reason to not own 2 in two basic colors. No matter what the occasion, if you have a brown and a black bianca, you're pretty much set in my opinion!
  11. i own the medium bianca in black, olive and bone. i use the black one quite a bit, definitley my favorite. the bone is terribly discolored from my jeans. i also have a small one in nude snake, but after converting to larger bags, i can't seem to go back to it. i have a black bella clutch as well. i love the front pockets on all these bags. very convenient for cell phone and keys.
  12. Did you go for it? I know a lot of RM fans that have multiples of every style that they love. So it you love it then I say go for it ;)
  13. I've owned (and still own) multiples of several bags that I adore and the Bianca is one that I will most definitely get in a second color. I currently have a medium in Cherry and I haven't yet made up my mind what color to go for next.

    I say go for it! :tup:
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