Bianca Has a Saggy Bottom

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  1. My large Bianca looks funny, poor girl. Her bottom is soft and saggy. :blush: It does not look that way in photos. Does your Bianca's bottom sag?

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  2. I too have a saggy bianca butt. :yes: But it's not dramatically saggy, and considering the soft structure of the bag, I figure that's to be expected. On a scale of saggy bag butts, I would say it's not as saggy as some of those LV speedys.
  3. What color is your bianca, I have the same one in medium from the summer sample sale, but can't figure out the name.
  4. Yes mine also is saggy but I kind of expected it b/c the structure is so soft. Oh, I have a large bone color and even with the saggy butt I still love it :smile:
  5. I think it is called "silver" - that is what the Ebay auction said. The bag is a camel color with a silver metallic crackle glaze. The authenticity cards and none of the tags say the style or what the official color is.
  6. LOL at your title. Yes, mine looks like that too, actually even more so. It slouches over time because the leather is very soft. I don't mind, I think it still looks great on the arm!
  7. Maybe a purse organizer would help keep the structure.
  8. Yeah, I thought about that. Have just been hesitant to order one without trying it first. Or even a piece of stiff material cut to fit the shape of her bottom.