Bianca Evening Clutch with studs & matching cuff

  1. This is going to be the hottest fall/winter item of all!!!!!! :nuts:


    When the clutch arrives at my office, I was totally in awe. All of my team members also thinks so too. It is the most gorgeous item of all the Gucci fall/winter handbags! :nuts: The gold studs with its matching cuff attached to the clutch makes it looks so rock-chic and functionable for those do not want to hold the clutch all the time. I love it! :love:
  2. congrats! do you have pics?
  3. you have bought it already?? how come i was told they won´t be in the boutique until mid to late august the earliest =
  4. maybe she got it at :smile: pls post pics girl!
  5. ive seen in on and loved loved loved it! i also love the plain clutches! the fall bags are TDF especially the new blondie line too!
  6. oooh, we need to see pics. I didn't think this was available yet, I haven't even seen it in the stores. I really want one myself...
  7. Oooh what color did you get??
  8. I'm an editor for a fashion magazine and also a restauranteur. We're doing some photoshoots on fall/winter handbags. One of them we're featuring is the Bianca Evening Clutch in hot pink. It is so beautiful. My senior fashion stylist was completely in awe too. Almost everyone at the studio kept talking about the clutch. I was totally in awe too so much that I called the Gucci buyer to order one for me in hot pink.

    lilach is right, it is only available in mid-august at the Gucci boutiques. I happen to work in fashion industry so I have closer connections.

    Off topic: Gucci silk jersey dress is also gorgeous too. Great for those with ahem..nice body structure. I'm not one of them.:sad: