Bianca bag is falling apart!


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May 13, 2008
I received a black medium Bianca Botkier bag as a gift this last Christmas. I know it was purchased at Saks. The stitching along the handle is coming undone and the leather is splitting apart. I take extreme proper care of all my bags so its not due to negligence on my part. This is my third Botkier bag and I have never experienced a problem with workmanship in the past. Does anyone have any recommendation on who I should approach or what to do? Attaining the receipt is not an option.

Thank you!


Feb 6, 2007
I had this problem with my Bianca within a few months. I bought mine at Nordstrom and I know they would have taken it back but it was a limted edition color that I really liked and I bought the last one on sale anywhere. Botkier would have taken it for repairs but I think I had to ship it to them. I ended up having a local cobbler restitch it and you can't tell (unless you are really looking for it and know about it). It cost me about $10.
Oct 16, 2007
A fablous TPFer helped me locate mine and because it was a sample, it had a tear. A local cobbler, like someone else suggested, fixed it for maybe 15 bucks at the most. They can do anything (and it was much cheaper than some of the websites I saw, like that love my purse site). Best of all, they repaired it so quickly..I remember how happy and proud I was when I got to pick it of my fav bags!


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Oct 15, 2007
floridagal23, what great news!!!

I do have a favor to ask, can you take a pic of the repair and post it here, so we can see it? If you can, great!!! If not, no sweat.

Oct 16, 2007
I can take a photo but I have to figure out how to re-size the pic. When I try to post one, it says it is too big! Since I have been studying for the bar, posting photos has kind of gone by the wayside:smile:I will try to play around with it this weekend..basically the seam was ripped by the outside pocket, where it connected to the bag. The leather repair/shoe repair person just re-stitched it. I was really worried because the leather seemed so soft and thin but it turned out fine. The seam is a teeny bit crooked if you were to stretch out the pocket area and really pull it apart from the rest of the bag but it looks fine from the outside.