bianca 5 inch vs 4 3/4 inch

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  1. i am looking on the nieman marcus website and i see that they have one 5 inch (but 3 1/2 inch pitch) and a 4 3/4 inch with 3 1/2 inch pitch...

    when i calculate that , one is 120 and the other is 127mm...

    i want a 120 mm and I'm just wondering if this one is listed wrong?
    When purchasing a bianca, do you find the 120 comfortable? or should i look for a 100mm..? Do your feet hurt in there?

    Black vs Nude for a first pair of louboutins?
  2. Bianca comes in 120mm and 140mm. I have a pair of the 140mm and they are super comfortable and as far as I know, other women find the Bianca 140mm one of this most comfortable high heeled shoe. I dont care for the 120mm because I prefer a nice arch in my shoes.

    Get Black for your first pair.
  3. As Louboulove says, Bianca comes in 120s and 140s. If you check them out closely, the 120 is not very well balanced aesthetically considering their platform is thicker than the 140, although lower in the heels.
    I would recommend getting the 140 no matter what. They are very comfy IMO too.

  4. Definitely prefer the 140mm over the 120mm. The platform is soo thick on the 120 it kind of throws the balance off, although it was my very first pair it took me 2 years to realize I had the 120 even though the box had 140 listed on it. The platform is less noticeable and is sexier and more comfortable IMO. I would go with Black as my first pair. I've included a reference so you can see the difference. Black is 120 and the purple is 140. HTH and good luck.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396511293.105631.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396511333.011136.jpg
  5. Are you used to wearing high heels? If so, give the 140 a try. It really does look better than the 120. The 120 is clunky. However, I have a pair of 120s and I will not part with them any time soon. I tried and bought the 140s in December, and I got rid of them before I ever wore them. But as a reference I cannot wear anything above a 120. And I would buy other colors in the 120 because it is comfy for me but I refuse because it's just not as pretty.
  6. To the others who have replied...I wonder why 120 platforms such as the very Prive hyper Prive and Vendome look better than the Bianca 120. Any clue? I don't know the science about arch and such. Just a thought.
  7. When I wore the 140 in the store I felt like I was too high off the ground like I was going to tip over. I didn't feel that way with the 120

  8. That's how I felt!!!! Would love to have them but I can't hack it and don't want to try anymore. I do get compliments on the 120s. I think seasoned Louboutin owners would know the difference and likely be partial to the 140s, but lay people will admire the 120s just the same. Plus in black or nude, especially patent...they'll be gorgeous just because!
  9. My guess is that since they are open-toed, there is less material there to 'clunk-ify', so to speak.
  10. Probably because the platform on the Very Prive, Hyper Prive etc is only 20mm. Whereas on the bianca 120 it is double that at 40mm.

  11. I wondered if that was the thing that made the difference. Thanks!

  12. Hmmm, now this is science for sure! That didn't dawn on me. I should take my Vendome and Bianca out to compare them...but I'm too lazy!
  13. I love the 140's but I'm only 5 ft 1...I'm considering going up to a 150 next :smile:

  14. The Vendome platform is also 20mm. This makes the arch of the shoe 100mm, but the arch of the Bianca is only 85mm because of the bigger platform.

  15. I know. I'll eventually put them side by side to actually see the difference. Seems like the B120 should have had a much smaller platform to make it more pleasing to the eye...
    Trying to there a closed-toe platform shoe that's 120mm with a 100mm arch (or comparable) and looks good?