Bianca 140 OR New Simple 120?

  1. Hi lovely ladies,

    Just debating, should I get another pair of Bianca ( I already have it in nude color ) OR go for New Simple 120? Both in black patent..... I love the Bianca but should I do the same style again? New Simple is pretty & comfy as well but maybe not as sexy? Any thoughts? :smile:
  2. Of course. :flowers:

    You'll get more responses there!

    PS - I'd get the New Simple. :yes:
  3. new simple
  4. If this is a vote Id go for New Simple ..I love mine !
  5. My vote is for Bianca. I have both and I agree with you that Biancas are much more sexy :smile:
  6. Thank you all for the helpful inputs! :tup:
  7. I vote for the biancas!! Biancas are sexy and its ok to have the same style...The simples are easier to find IMHO.
  8. I vote for the New Simples, I actually think they look much sexier in person than in pictures:smile:
  9. Hey ladies......

    I finally decided! I'm getting ~

    Alta Dama black patent 140mm!!! :yahoo:

    Thank you everyone for your helpful inputs! :flowers: