Bi/Rain DG sunglass model?

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  1. Can any expert tell me what model are these?
    I looked up all over the Dolce & Gabbana website men AND women and wouldn't find these...

    He is a famous Korean popstar...Does DG have different collections in North America, Asia and Europe?

    Here's 3 pics...different angles/views

    here is the music video where he is wearing them (the song is hot!) : YouTube - bi rain - Im Coming new MV
  2. those are hot sunnies .. arent they the same sunnies Joli wore in india?

    im gonna try look it up 4u and come post back my feedback :smile:
  3. steph .. those sunnies are hard to find :| i've been looking everywhere and cant find them ....

    still searching though
  4. i have no idea where you can find those sunnies but i do know that every country has their own buyers and so end up with different stuff.

    rain is a hottie tho!
  5. he looks good here! i'm on the fence about him- sometimes he's just too girly.

    I've seen that style here (in NZ) a couple of weeks ago - but as toileduck said, the demand for styles differ from country to country.
  6. These shades are hot :beach:
  7. Yeah they are really nice...
    I was thinking about buying a pair like that but...i guess it's not going to happen.

    Don't think I'll ever find those in Canada
  8. don't know which model those sunglasses are but i :heart: bi :drool: