bi day vs city??

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  1. i'm not sure whether to get the day in bi or the city?? i already have two city bags in truffle and vif red and one purse in bordeaux?? i need help!
  2. I would get a day for a change, but it depends on what style you prefer. The day is maore casual than the city I think!
  3. I vote for 'Day' if you like the style on you. It sounds like you are collecting some very nice & differing colors and styles in Balenciaga and adding a Day to your family would nicely round out your collection. The Day is my fav Bbag style and I got the BI in it this week and absolutely:love: it!
  4. My vote is for the day also. After seeing citychris' pics, I think BI looks best in that style.
  5. I think the BI looks stunning in the Day style...good luck and please let us know what you decide!!
  6. I was trying to make this decision recently (and posted a thread awhile ago). I was leaning toward city, but found a day BI bag I loved. It does seem that the leather is particularly nice in this style.

    I would encourage you to at least try the day style (it is so comfortable and practical). If you don't like it, exchange it for a city. I think BI is a great day-time color. Although I wear my city during the day, I like to wear it at night (on the relatively rare occasions that I get out). For me, BI would not be as great for a night-out color.

    Good luck with your decision!
  7. I think you should get a day since you already have two cities. ;)
  8. hahaha - i am making the same decision! i really wanted the day, and have mine on the way, but then another store called and had a city in. i personally love the day style, in fact we have the opposite collection - i have the rouge vif and truffle in a day - and therefore was thinking i should get a city for variety. with that being said - i think you should go for a day since you have two cities. the day also holds so much - you will love it!
    good luck with your decision!
  9. I saw the Day in blue india at NM a couple of days ago, and it was absolutely gorgeous.
  10. Blue India looks great in the Day style! I'd go for that one to mix it up!
  11. well i ended up getting the blue india in the part time...and i LOVE it!! the color is so pretty:smile: thanks for all your input though guys...good to know there are others that share in the love for balenciaga:smile:
  12. Yay! Congratulations on your new bag! Can't wait to see pictures!
  13. okay so you all were right...the day is absolutely beautiful in the bi...i went back to nm and exchanged the part time for the day...and i couldn't be happier:smile: thanks everyone...
  14. I'm glad you found a BI bag you're happy with. Enjoy!
  15. Congrats on the bag! Let's see some photos!!