Bi-colour Kelly

  1. Hypothetically speaking, if you could request for any colour combination in the world, what would you choose for a bi-colour souple Kelly??

    (my default combi that I cannot erase from my brain is gigi's indigo/BJ in her new HAC)
  2. Probably indigo/bj... or RV/framboise.
  3. Cyclamen with raisin ???
    I think that would be lovely too :nuts:

    Are you placing a SO ?? So exciting :yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. No Katyc. I wish. I am just fantasizing ....

  5. You dont have to fantasize !
    Just request for a bicolour or tricolour kelly !
    Be patient, I'm sure they will show you something beautiful.

    My friend has a indigo/bluejean kelly. Its beautiful !
    Her's is indigo on the outside and bluejean inside !

    I'm also yearning for a multi colour bag :nuts:
    Single colour seems abit too plain :upsidedown:
  6. I love Aspenmartial's 25cm forest green retourne Kelly with vert anis piping. I literally dream about that bag!
  7. Mine would be:

    Black and Fuchsia
    Fuchsia and Rose Dragee
  8. That choc box/cyclamen Birkin is GORGEOUS!
  9. hmm, i think i might do turquoise with vert anis piping and lining. or even a full bi-color with the front and back+flap the two different colors. that would rock in the summer!
  10. Do you ladies think that fuchsia with rose dragee would be too much? What of fuchsia with cyclamen?
  11. Kou, I think they are lovely choices - more complementary than contrast...if you know what I mean. reminds me of TT's Potiron Kelly with vermillion piping.
  12. kou, i also think fuchsia with chocolate would be delish.

  13. I agree.. very special!