bi-colors croc birkins? anyone??

  1. so my SA called me today to ask whether ill be interested in a bi-color crocodile birkin which is coming to the boutique soon (black with fuchsia's piping and handle) instead of black birkin that i ordered.. I've been looking at photos of several bi-colors birkins on eBay and here in the forum.. i like them, BUT i'm afraid ill regret it once black crocodile birkin becomes available??

    What do u guys think?? should i go for it?? or should i wait for a black crocodile?? how special/available are the bi-colors birkins??
  2. If you think you might regret it when the black one comes that means you really want a black one deep inside.

    Let just think if both of them is available at the same time which one would you get?
  3. i was offered the black one and the black with green(i dont know which green) piping at the same time, and without a doubt i choose the black one.....
    wait for what you really want
    if you get the fuchsia piping one(which i think is gorgeous!) and still thinking about the pure's not fair to the her ..........i think she deserves more love~~~
  4. Definitely black!! but what im thinking is WHAT if i don't get offered the black one soon?? maybe in a year or more?? will i regret passing on the bi-color birkin?? :shrugs:
  5. I saw an all black poro croc this weekend and it was gorgeous. I vote for holding out for it!!

  6. when my SA started to offer me birkins that was not exactly what I wanted. I held back (with the help of many pf's) and 2 weeks later the exact one I wanted came in.

    I was so glad I waited and always thought how I would regret it if I didn't wait.

    pinkish_love- you can wait a bit. I know you have a lot of other birkins you can play with right now (the ones you bought from Paris not long ago):graucho: .
  7. Hi pinkish,

    Is this 30cm or 35cm? Porosus or niloticus? Glazed or Matte? Ask if the interior and piping is also fuschia?

    I think the contrasting handles and straps is something that is really something to get used to. It really is an acquired taste, like exotic food. If you have a picture of black and fuschia, stare at it alot, sleep over it for a couple of days (make sure your SA waits for your reply) and try to imagine if you would be happy to own one of these bi colour crocs.

    A single colour croc is hard enough to come by, let alone a bi-colour one. So, it must be hard to pass on this. Any chance of getting this and then order an all black one?

    Just want to share with you the bi-colour croc birkin of my dreams >> Fuschia croc with orange handles. I think the contrast is subtle and that's the way I love it!

    If you are into brighter coloured croc, then maybe you can do like what I do, have a all-time classic black, then go for something bright in bi-colour. Yes? No? :idea:
    fushia croc with orange.jpg
  8. It didnt arrive yet to the boutique so i still have time to think about it till i get the call that is actually available for me to take.. she said a week or two maximum!!

    Most of what i have is ostrich and i REALLY REALLY want another crocodile birkin.. i'm seriously dreaming of getting a call from hermes about croc birkins and finally it happened but it is a bi-color!!! :hysteric:

    Also my SA told me that it is a VERY special piece and very hard to come by and that i can always get the black one which is easier to come by :shrugs:

  9. Here's a picture from eBay

  10. Yes, very very true. :yes:
  11. I have to say i love the fushia combo...I would have to see it in person and when you do you will either :heart: it or:push: it...
  12. Mrssparkles.. my twin sister!! lol

    I dont have all the details and my SA doesnt have all the details, she said its part of the order of the boutique and it will arrive in one or two weeks thats all..

    I love you dream bag!! I would love to have indigo croc with rouge vif piping and handles :tender:

    but when it comes to black.... ALL black is VERY VERY classy i got this fever when i saw your 30cm croc black birkin!!!

  13. Mrssparkles!!! Yup thats the one!! Ive been looking at that picture all day since i got the call!! :hysteric:
  14. mrsS!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT FUSCHIA COMBO!!!!! never seen that before.

    pinkish: i'm a lover of bi-color so i would no doubt choose it. but all black is easier to match with just about anything.
  15. I love that bicolor birkin!!! It's simply GORGEOUS!!!! I am a lover of bicolor birkins too!!:love: :love: But like others have said, if your heart is really set on getting the ALL black croc birkin, I would hold out. You should get something you REALLY want and try not to be swayed into getting a backup! But hey if you have the money just get both!!!!:idea: :graucho: