BI at NM's King of Prussia

  1. FYI, Neimans at King of Prussia has quite a few blue indias, including a PT.

    While I was there, there was a city in a new (very pretty) blue. The SA there, while nice, didn't know much about bbags and really couldn't tell me which blue it is. He did tell me that it just came in. I want to say it's the new french blue, because it really reminded me of the french blue on shirts. But it is possible to have spring colors so soon?
  2. I was just there today and the color is beautiful! The leather looked great, too! But yeah, the SAs there don't know much about bbags. :sad:
  3. Wow...well one way to tell would be to look at the inner tag and see what season letter it has... I'm wondering if it could have been a Cornflower?
  4. Remind me one more time how to read the season letter on the inner tag. I might go there again in the next few days.
  5. Anyone been back to see this one? I think my next purchase is going to be a French blue city...I'm wondering if that's what it is...but it seems to early for the S/S 07 colors to be in stores?
  6. I'm almost positive it was the Blue India and not the Cornflower, as they also had the Part Time style in the same blue. And I definitely don't think it was the new S/S 07 colors. It was my first time seeing BI in person, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be BI (from pictures!). :smile:
  7. I was there on Saturday and saw the :ninja: "mystery bag". It's a cornflower. The bag has a lot of purple'ish tones to it compared to the green tones in the blue india. I've never seen a cornflower IRL before, but this one is gorgeous. :drool: The inner tag ended in Y. I had my blue india parttime with me and the two were very different in color.

    I ended up buying a sapin day! :nuts: woohoo!! It's beautiful. Much more green the others I've seen.
  8. Thanks Lenabean for solving the mystery. I agree the cornflower city was gorgeous. I knew it wasn't blue india as it was sitting right next to a couple of BIs when I saw it.

    Someone grab it before it starts to tempt me! :smile:
  9. I was there on Saturday too! :shame: I was looking at it for a few minutes (yup, cornflower) and the second I put it down, someone else picked it up and took it over to the SA. Don't know if she bought it, but it looked like she was seriously considering it.
  10. Thanks for solving the mystery! :flowers: I must need to get my eyes checked! The one I saw was sitting with the BI Part Time and the Work and they all looked the same to me! :shrugs:
  11. Hee hee hee.... Guess what the 'Mystery Bag' is! It is the Cornflower Blue City that was sent to me by the SA telling me it was the first BI they got in (ummm... wrong!). I sent it back to them and it is still the 'Mystery Bag'. So funny to read this thread now knowing it is still confusing people. It was definitely a very pretty french/cornflower blue with great leather... just not the BI I expected. Here is the entire thread about the 'Mystery Bag'.