bhutan for business trip? - Need help

  1. I'm wondering if any of our forumers have been to Bhutan for business trip?
    is it possible to get VISA and air tickets separately instead of signing up for a tour package?

    would the travel agency help with the VISA application?

    if anyone knows where I can obtain such information, please please share with me. Thanks alot
  2. I have never traveled there for business... well I have never traveled there at all, but we have looked into it. I am pretty certain you must book through an agency, and they take care of the visa issues.
  3. Travel agencies can get you the Visa easily.
  4. many thanks for the help, blue and sonya
    appreciate that lots. I will contact a travel agency for assistance.
  5. Sorry to resurrect this somewhat older thread but has anyone been to Bhutan? I may be going and had some questions.
  6. Delete.. Older thread.

  7. actually the thread is not that old and i am interested in the answer to my question as i am planning a trip there so i would rather this not be deleted (not sure you were suggesting that or deleting a response you had written to the OP). i only apologized for resurrecting as the OP has not posted in over a month.
  8. I was actually responding to the original question posted back in Februrary regarding visas - not your question. :smile: The OP probably got her visa by now.

    Anywho I know nothing about Bhutan so probably couldn't help too much.. sorry! I'm sure someone else can chime in though.
  9. I was a die hard "I want to go to Bhutan" a couple of years ago. I was under the impression that you had to book your trip first, prepay your lodging and then the country would be able to issue visas.

    Is there any truth to this? Or some kind of myth?