1. I saw a thread about BH in Damier and saw a pic by photoshop...the bag really looks great in damier! I was thinking to get the BH so bad but how likely do you all think it will be made in Damier? I don't want to buy the mono BH but then after awhile damier comes. What do you think? :confused1:
  2. I think it will be cuter in Mono :smile:
  3. i'd LOVE the BH in damier... i'm not sure if it will be made permanently as part of the damier line... but perhaps will be able to SO eventually.
  4. Where can I find the photoshop pic....I have done a search and I am coming up empty.
  5. I personal think that it wont be availabe in the regular Damier line, but can be SOed in the future...

    It really sucks though...cause I had to SO the noe in Damier, even though now the Azure noe is available....I asked and they responded "Only in the Azur and no plans for the Damier introduction, there are other Damier styles coming out"........:s

    But who knows...thats what they said when I SOed the Damier speedy.....:rolleyes:

    I hate that the styles of Damiers are not as varied as other patterns.....:crybaby:
  6. It's under the thread "BH in Damier"....
  7. a few ladies here said they inquired about a bh in damier and were told that it won't be done in SO and its uncertain if they'll introduce it into the permanent line. which sucks because its so cute.
  8. AHH i would love the BH in damier ::sigh::
  9. I think it will look great in both. I say get the mono and you will fall in love with it and want the damier one as well when it comes out. I know when I find a style I love I want it in both. So far the only style I love though is speedy. I really like the bv though and plan on getting one in a couple of months. I would prefer to get a damier marais next as my next damier piece.
  10. BH in Damier looks HOT! But I still think BH in Mono looks the best.
  11. Maybe since the Mono BH is so popular, they may one day make it in Damier!!

  12. I have this feeling they will and I'm no psychic!
  13. if they make it damier, they had better make it in AZUR! yay!
  14. Ooh, I like that, I hope they make it someday.