BH vs. CP vs. Mini Lin Noe

  1. This is my first post here but I've read lots on this forum and would just like some help from you LV experts on choosing my second LV. I'm going to the boutique tomorrow. My first was the usual Monogram Speedy 30, but I'm wanting a shoulder bag.

    I realize the Cabas Piano has the vachetta bottom, but I do like the classic tote look. To be honest, I'm probably one of few here who prefer the look of the BV to the BH, but one of my dear friends already has that bag and we see each other often enough that I don't want to get that same bag. Neither of us are collectors -- if we were, that would be a different thing entirely. And if I got the Mini Lin Noe, I would want it in ebene, not dune. In ebene, I don't know how much I would want to use it over the summer, but I do realize that fall will be here in just a few months and I could keep using my Speedy in the meantime.

    Anyway, suggestions please! Tell me which you prefer and why -- or if you have another idea, that's great too! Thanks!
  2. Do you like the Salaya?
  3. welcome!!!!
    i think the saleya would be a good choice too. iv been eyeing it for months. hehe. how a bout a speedy? it holds so much more than you think it would
  4. What about the new tote the neverfull coming out in June, it will be in three sizes and it will be in Damier- both colors a little later in the year. Very reasonable prices too.
  5. I love the BH! We have three of them at our house now - it's a wonderful bag!
  6. I would go for the Mini Lin Noe in ebene and I would use it during the summer. Yeah, it may be dark, but the fabric is light and rather summery. Plus, I don't see that bag very often.
    If you want a bag that you haven't listed, then I would go for the Petit Noe in Ivoire (ivory/white) Epi -- a crisp clean white is beautiful for summer and would carry over into winter (you could call it winter white :smile:)
  7. Did you try the Bh on that you don't like it. I wasn't sure about it either , but I read so many good reviews I thought let me just try it on. I love it . It's so comfortable and you can see where things are. It's not a big black hole.
  8. I suggest the Saleya too.
  9. what about the lockit H ?
  10. I would get the Mini Lin Noe in ebene. It's a bark color chocolate almost as dark as black. Basically you can wear this color year round unlike the lighter shade of dune. Plus you don't see the Noe too often and I agree I wouldn't want a BH. Especially since your gf has one already. Good luck!

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  11. ^^^I totally agree!!!! :p I am in LVoe with mine!!! :heart:

    I have both the Mini Lin Noe and the Cabas Piano but I never use my CP or any other mono canvas anymore because I'm tired of being careful with the vachetta. The Mini Lin line is my absolute favorite and I will use it year-round. It is a perfect neutral shade of brown which goes with everything and it is made of a lightweight fabric so it is fine for summer. It is also just as low-maintenance as Damier! :smile:

    One more thing -- the Noe can hold a LOT!!!!
    my Mini Lin Noe.jpg
  12. I actually prefer the MV to the BH also! So I'd go w/ the BV. The Noe is HUGE but SO pretty!
  13. Thanks for all of your replies and suggestions. And if there are anymore -- keep them comin'! I know I have to get to the boutique tomorrow to really decide, but I like having a general idea, KWIM?

    To be honest, I think I prefer the Mini Lin Noe as it's lower maintenance and would be something to look a little different than mono. I'm glad there are several of you who think I can use the ebene in the summer -- I may just have to do that if I get it!

    Oh, and thanks for the Saleya suggestions. I think, though, the MM size is going to be bigger than what I want -- maybe not -- I'll try to check it out. I don't want to go PM because it's advertised as a handheld on elux. I also don't know if I'm ready to make the swing into damier yet -- but I've already thought that in the future I would want a marais -- I like the bucket shape!

    Ok -- I'm now down to just ramblin'! I'll just have to go there tomorrow -- Houston is my store -- and figure it all out. I hope it's not too crowded there tomorrow being the day before Mother's Day! This is an anniversary present from DH.

    Thanks again for all of your help -- and again, if there's anymore input -- I would appreciate it!
  14. *raises hand and waves frantically*

    what about the saleya? but from the 3, i prefer the mini lin noe ...but in dune. :p

  15. if you like the shape of the bucket, why don't you go with one of the 2 mini lin buckets? if you like monogram, it's available, and of course dear damier. :smile: