BH vs Cabbas Piano

  1. Does anyone have both the BH and the Cabbas Piano. If so, can you compare/contrast them for me? I have a BH but have wanted the Cabbas Piano forever. I bought the BH since it was cheaper. Is it worth having both of them (I know...dumb question, of course it is!). I guess I just need your help to enable me and justify buying a bag that is so similar to one that I already have.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't have either, but I don't see why you shouldn't have both. I view them very differently, although they're both totes. The BH is bigger and holds more things, while the CP is more structured and has a zipped top. I think the CP would be a great everyday bag as it is more compact (unless you carry a lot everyday, then the BH would be a better fit).

    I love the CP! I hope I can get one, too! :yes:
  3. I think the Cabas Piano is smaller than the BH. :s
  4. Same here. I don't have either but have looked a both of them. I think the BH is a good deal bigger than the CP! BH a good amount more, so the CP would be an excellent everyday bag. Plus it has a zipper for times when you want more security. You can fit a laptop in the BH but not the CP. I definitely think theyre different enough to be worth having both! :p
  5. i'd have to agree that they are two differrent bags. i like the piano for its structure and zip top and the BH for its shape :smile:

    get both ;)
  6. Get both! I think the Cabas Piano is a better every day bag. I have the BH and realized it is too big since I really don't carry much, plus, I'm quite petite. The BH is a great bag but just not for me. (it's been hiding in my closet since I bought it). I'm now thinking of getting the CP too, I think I can tolerate the vachetta on the bottom... hopefully.
  7. Hmmm... a lot of interesting points. I wish someone who had both could give me some feedback! Thanks everyone though!
  8. I've got both! :yahoo: Here's my pro and con list:

    Pro: great work bag, lots of LV for the money (big size for its price, meaning), very elegant styling, works in arm crook as well as my shoulder, holds a ton, cell phone pocket plus inside zip pocket. Very lightweight.

    Con: open top which for me is a downer in the rain or when things could spill out due to my sometimes weird driving habits. There is a snap hook closure and the bag does stay shut when it's on your shoulder and tucked under your arm, but due to the open top design I wouldn't use it for business travel. it is definitely more 'work related' and not a casual outing type of bag due to its design, IMO but I have taken it shopping a couple times.

    Cabas Piano
    Pro: great, versatile size, zip top closure, nice structure, cell phone pocket and inside slit pocket, durable lining, looks good on shoulder or in crook of arm, very very versatile everyday bag for errands or work or casual outings. Note: it IS smaller than the BH.

    Con: the vachetta bottom is a no-no for some and a vulnerable area for dings and stains; for me I just am careful where I set it down and used a little shining monkey spray to help protect it.

    Hope this helps! :heart:
  9. Thanks so much pursegirl! I have the same problem with my BH. I am a driver from hell and the bag is always flying off my seat and my stuff all over!

    BTW, how does the vachetta look on the bottom of your CP? Also, which did you get first? Which do you use more?

  10. Hey anytime, rileygirl! The vachetta on the bottom of my CP is doing great. No dings, knock on wood. I'm just careful to not let it touch the ground other than at work on the carpet. I got the CP first last summer; the BH was on a whim just a couple months ago I only other note that for some reason my CP is patina-ing a little more quickly than other LV pieces I got about that same time. I don't mind the patina process and all get equal rotation, so I was surprised the CP is showing it sooner than others.

    Here's a couple pix...hope this helps too and I'm sorry about the poor quality; snapped them quickly and it's late :smile:
    BH and CP.jpg BH and CP overhead.jpg

  11. OH! You're the BEST! Pictures helped! Thanks plenty. Get some rest, it's late there! LOL.
  12. The CP is a different style bag from the BH and has the zippered top. You've been wanting it so get it. Don't tell your hubby I said so, lol!
  13. I also have both and only use my BH. My CP has been out once in the year that I've owned it. I still love the look and can't bring myself to sell it, but it's a little on the small side for me. I keep vowing to try and use it more!
    For me the BH can be casual or dressy, looks good with just a little in it or stuffed to the brim. It's also easier to get in and out of than the CP--I think because the top opens wider.
    Both are great bags!
  14. I like the style of the BH but I am concerned about the open wide top. Cabas Piano is a classic of course.
  15. piano is a lot smaller then the BH. I would own both..