BH vs. BV strap drop length??

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  1. I was wondering if someone who has a BH can help me out?? Can you measure the strap drop length please?? I measured the BV from the outside seam to seam on the handle, above the hardware and got 18.5".

    I have till tomorrow to exchange it for the BH if that'll work out better for me. The BV fits fine with sweaters, long sleeves and it's ok for jackets but could be a bit longer.

    Also does anyone know this answer........I got the BV before the price increase, if I swap it out for the BH, will I have to pay the new difference??
  2. The drop on the BH is 9.5". I'm not sure what the actual length of the straps are, if that's what you are asking.
  3. I got the same measurement of 9.5". I will tell you this though, I have the BH and my sister has the BV and I tried it on for size and mine (BH) fits so much better. The BV was a little tighter around my arm. So I believe the BH has longer straps compared to the BV.

    Or it could be that my BH is almost a year old and her BV is brand new and maybe the straps are stiffer??? IDK! And my straps have stretched?? Thoughts anyone??
  4. I measured again and the straps are 20" measuring from the outside seam.
  5. I think you should get the BH. It does feel like theres more room. I tried both the BV and BH yesterday.

    And .. this is just my opinion but.. the BH looks like theres more bag to it.

    But anyway.. do whatever you are comfortable with. =]
    Good luck.

    ps. If you bought it before the price change i don't see why they'd make you pay the difference for an exchange.. but then again.. i'm not LV so. who knows.
  6. I need the measurement from the straight seam to seam above the hardware along the outside of the handle. See arrows in pic.

    Is that where you all measured??
  7. I didn't like how wide the BH was which is why I choose the BV. I still like the looks of the BV better but I wanted to check on the handle length to be sure.
  8. Yes! That's where I measured and got 20". The drop length was 9.5".
  9. hmm, well I called 866 and my local store and they both said the straps were the same length. They also said I would not have to pay the difference if I swapped it out. But I think since they are the same or pretty darn close, I'm just gonna keep the BV since I like it better. Thanks for the help ladies!!

    But I think just for S&G, I'm gonna measure mine again..........hehe.
  10. ok redid mine carefully and I got 19" so I guess it's an inch shorter than the BH. ;)

    thanks for the help ladies!!

    funny though, my friend measured hers and she got 18" for her BH.......strange.
  11. Glad you decided to keep it- I too prefer the BV!
  12. I too prefer the BV! I have been considering buying the BV myself. Can I ask if you would take modeling photos, for I woul dlove to see if on someone.
  13. I love the BV
  14. Sorry not sure what the drop is but I can wear my BH over my winter coat with no issues.