BH--to return to not to return

  1. Hello,

    So I bought the BH back in May in Hawaii for $665 because it was a great deal at the time. I currently have the CP and it is my one and only bag but it is a little small for my everyday needs. I originally wanted the speedy but im still not sure about the sagging.

    I brought out the BH today and I'm not totally loving it at the moment. I'm debating if I should just keep the BH and it will eventually grow on me since I DO need a bigger bag than the CP.

    I'm also thinking of returning of it because I already have a shoulder bag and want a hand held bag but the hand held bag that I already have hurts my arm because it gets heavy.

    What should I do? Should I just keep it since it is a practical bag and I can use it for work?

    Any opinions will be greatly appreciated!

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Have you ever carried it? Maybe you should carry it around a bit to try it out. It's a light bag and only gets heavy when you put heavy things in it.
    If you don't end up liking it, eBay it and get something you like!
  3. Its july how could you return something you bought 2 months ago ...?
  4. you can't return it to the store past 14 days of purchase. you can try selling it on eBay if you think it doesn't suit you.

    i have the CP and i bought the BH in march, but i decided to return it because it was too big for me. i would suggest carrying it around more to get used to it. there must be a reason you bought it in the first place :smile:
  5. i was thinking of exchanging it but im not sure if they'll let me since its been 2 months..i've exchanged something before past the 2 weeks.

    i guess im stuck with it..i'll see how it goes.

  6. i don't think they will let you even exchange it.... coz its been 2 months already>
  7. hmm... i think u should keep it. besides, it's been so long, i doubt they'll let u exchange it... it's also a sign u should keep it imo.
  8. I say keep it. It is a great bag.
  9. yeah, i guess i'll keep it. i'll learn to love it. besides, i already have it and its been paid for (cash).

    thanks for all your input everyone!