BH + speedy 25, good choise?

  1. I went to the store today and checked them out. They are both fantastic but the BH looked smaller than i exspected. So i'm wondering what you guys think, is the size difference between the speedy 25 and the BH big? I don't want to buy two bags of the same size. I already have a mono pochette and i will buy the epi too but they didn't had it in stock. I'm going to buy tomorrow!:biggrin:
  2. The BH holds a lot.
    Probably more than you'd fit into a Speedy. I always considered the BH to be more along the lines of a tote bag whereas the Speedy is an actual "purse"

    I carry my BH every day, but I wouldn't use it as a going out bag...

    I guess it depends on what you plan on carrying.
  3. just pick one of the two and get a shoulder bag instead for the other. variety is good. jmho :smile:
  4. deluxeduck, i'm considering the batignolles horizontal wich is a shoulder bag
  5. oops... i meant get an Epi or Damier instead :shame:
  6. i have the BH and i love it way more than the speedy! it's also a shoulder bag so you have your hands free.
  7. BH without a doubt. I use it as an everyday bag even for work. It holds a lot and you can even adjust the size of the bag with the staps on the side.
  8. i tried out the BH yesterday and yeah i too was surprised it was smaller than i thought... but i totally LOVE it! I say get this instead of the speedy!
  9. How about both?? ;) Hehe...I have the BH and I think it's a great everyday bag, bc it holds a ton of stuff. However, I'm also getting the Damier speedy, for days I want a more polished look.

    Good luck!
  10. I vote for the BH. I love mine. I tried two sizes of Speedys, but never one was really doing it for me. I also love that the BH is a shoulder bag. I was getting tired of hand-held bags.
  11. If it has to be one or the other, get the BH. It's an immensely practical bag, and not every Jane out there has a fake one yet. It's an attractive bag and comfortable to wear. It was my first LV bag and got me hooked (now also have a Mono Speedy 30 and Mono Petite Bucket).
  12. oops i think i did not explain mysels well, i'm thinking about both (+) but is was wondering if the size difference is enough because i don;t want two of the same size bags
  13. they are both very different styles.

    the BH is more casual and everyday .. whereas the speedy is a hand carry and can be for more formal events.

    if you really want to justify it.. get the BH and the speedy in the damier or epi.

    since they don't have the epi in stock then just get the BH first and then the speedy another time?

    i rec get the speedy in epi since the BH and the pochette you already have is in mono
  14. I think the styles are very different and therefore a good choice. The BH is a good everyday tote bag. The Speedy is a great satchel. I'd get the Speedy in epi.