Bh Sale Price list + availability

May 21, 2006
is this store authentic, ladies? are they balenciaga store or just other stores selling a mixed of handbags...Anyone ordered and confirmed it is authentic?
I was able to google some info about them.

Sacoche Boutique is a name associated with fashion and high lifestyle business in Bahrain.

The company Sacoche Boutique Co. W.L.L. commenced in October 2003 .

In the year 2003, Sacoche Boutique was opened with high brands in fashion. It started with Chloe' full accessories line, Emmanuel Ungaro and Sonia Rykiel and by mid of 2004 it started business relationship with Balenciaga. In 2005, we established business relationship with Roberto Cavalli and Valentino.

Its commitment with the existing brands has been diversified and strengthened due to the expansion growth of some of its brands such as Balenciaga and Chloe. In the year 2007, Sacoche successfully launched Balenciaga Boutique (Mono Brand) and Chloe Boutique (Mono Brand) previously introduced into the Bahrain Market. In the year 2007, Sacoche Boutique came up with a new concept which houses the top brands such as: Diane Von Furstenberg, Zagliani, and Barbara Bui.

The Closet Boutique was also launched carrying the new concept of multi brand ready to wear boutique under See by Chloe and other US brands.

Sacoche Boutique is located in Al A'ali Shopping Complex within the district of Manama; the capital of Kingdom of Bahrain.

For More information per brand please contact the below:

Merlyn Pastor
Nazia shaikh
Balenciaga Boutique
Al A'ali Complex
Tel#00973 175 83838

[]Barbara Bui
Sacoche Boutique
Ground Floor Unit 46
Tel: 00973 17587874
Fax:00973 17582322

[]See by Chloe and Other Brand
Maricar D. Basanez
The Closet
Al A'ali Complex
1758 1212

[]Chloe Boutique
Josephine Lucena
TELEPHONE: 00973 1758 0570
Kristine Joy Angeles
Chloe Boutique

TELEPHONE #: 00973 1758 0570
Apr 24, 2006
Thanks for posting that JuicyCoutureJen! Actually when I called Sacoche about ordering my bag, they told me to to call the Balenciaga boutique's number to place my order 973 175 83838. They are listed on the Balenciaga site also. I wouldn't worry about placing an order with them.


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Dec 30, 2007
The Cool Cool North
Do you know how much is the Giant Hobo in Europe?
I have one on hold in Bahrain and I am not sure if it is a good deal.
Do you think this bag is Plomb? They told me they can't find the paper tag but they are "so sure" that it is 07.
It is a bag for my mum, she said she likes anthra but I think plomb would be ok, but not if the price is near retail in Europe, so I can chose here the color I like.
Opinions please :smile:
So nice that you are buying this for your mum. I received a similar (but not the same) photo from them. It is so hard to tell from the photo - it could be black, anthra or plomb. They said it looked more grey than black. I asked about the information on the paper tag. They told me it was 2007 3 which is the f/w collection and chevre (goat). I'm assuming it is not black so that means it is Plomb. (Actually I would be happy with either but I am expecting Plomb). They should find the paper tag for your bag. New retail bags should have their paper tags. These prices may not be a saving for people living in Europe - they are for North Americans. With regard to the leather if you use the search function on "Plomb" you will see a lot of comments about the colour and comparisons to black and 2007 Anthra and 2008 Anthra. I have seen mostly positives about the quality of the 2007 Plomb leather.


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Feb 27, 2008
Thank you very much for your answers. I think I will wait until Bal PAris reply my e-mail and tell me how much retails the Hobo.
Plomb is ok, and looking at the pic it looks plomb. I saw a lot of pics in the forum and the leather is great. :smile:


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Jul 17, 2007
On the list - when they say "magenta" does that mean the pale magenta 08 or the Amethyste 09?? Anyone know? I emailed them, but no direct answer, just a list that says "magenta"?? Thanks to anyone who knows..
May 21, 2006
i've been wanting to get one from aloharag for quite sometime now, and this sale came up :tup:
Me too! The night before this sale went up, I had already filled out the Aloha Rag order form for a black GGH hobo for full price. I was going to email it to them right away, but held off because they were closed anyway. Thank goodness I waited. I saved 345 dollars!!!