Bh Sale Price list + availability

Nov 7, 2008
New England
Just got email back from sacoche Btqiue in Baharin regarding B sale, availibity and price list...

ITEMS COLOR PRICE(ORIGINAL) AFTER DISCOUNT Giant work silver hardware evergreen 2,053 1,232 sahara twiggy magenta 1,333 800 black Giant Hobo Red 1,375 824 silver hardware vermillion sahara black vert fonce Giant weekender black 2,346 1,408 Gold hardware covered weekender black 2,346 1,408 Classic day magenta 1,333 800 Covered Day Marron 1,493 896 Giant pompon silver/gold hardware magenta 2,026 1,216 sapphire gray Covered pompon sapphire 2,080 1,248 magenta white black brown

TEL # +973 17 58 78 74
FAX # +973 17 58 23 22

May 21, 2006
^When I was trying to post in it, it said I followed a wrong link. I guess it got deleted at that moment.

Anywho, did anyone get their tracking numbers yet? Also, did previous people who purchased from the Bal Bahrain sale, did you have to sign for your delivery?


Dec 15, 2007
Im not sure about this.. but i have read in the older bahrain sale topic that someone is going (or already has) return the amethyst work.. im wondering if she/he has returned it and if the shop has received it...
Because i have emailed Merlyn for the amethyst work, she told me it is sold out. But maybe she does not know yet that an amethyst work is returning?
Apr 24, 2006
I was charged also but no tracking yet, someone in yesterdays post said that she had reserved the Amethyst work, but decided not to purchase it because she purchased another pink bag instead. Anyone know anything else?

I need to go back and read the older post too I guess.
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