BH questions...

  1. I'm about to purchase the BH, however, I can't seem to locate any visual aids on the inside of the bag. Can someone please post photos of the interior (with their belongings)? If anyone has a purseket with their BH, what size purseket would I get (med or large)? Thanks!
  2. id like to know too.. everyone talks about how great the bh is, but ive only seen pics of the outside.. does it have pouches on the inside?
  3. i can try and post pics tomorrow. there is one interior pocket and a cell phone pocket. otherwise open. there is also a d ring to attach key/cles etc. i have a large purseket and it doubles over itself a little, i should probably use a medium. the thing is since the sides are cinched it doesn't fit that perfectly in it. but not bad.

    it's a fabulous bag! get it!
  4. It's a great bag - I've bought two of them in the last two months (one for each of my daughters). It is a fantastic shoulder bag - light, roomy - just great - holds everything under the sun. We tried the purseket in it, but my daughters ended up not needing it - it's so easy to get at everything.

    This thing can hold everything you've got, plus folders, magazines, small jacket - just everything!

  5. sorry to lazy to post my bag today... but here's a link somebody posted: (some japanese site)

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