BH questions

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  1. i haven't gotten a new bag in a while because i am still so torn!
    i've considered the shopper, galleria, an alma, another speedy and now i think that i am pretty much set on getting a shoulder carry bag, the BH!!
    im 5' 0", and like 130 pounds
    my concerns is
    - when im carrying her, with my arms down, is the bag going to stick out too far? ive looked in the ClubHouse and have found pictures but i can't tell if it is an uncomfortable amount. I know that i should just go try it on, but i hate getting to there and not already being in LVOE

    ---thanks everyone...again! haha
  2. The BH is a great bag! It was my very first LV and still one of my faves, and I got it back in 2006. The BH is light, the straps are a perfect width and length. And I'm 5'2". The shopper is a great bag, but it is really heavy. The shopper might stick out on you, it feels huge on me!
  3. yeah i thought the shopper would be really heavy! with all the compartments and all haha
    thank you!!
  4. I don't have the BH, but everyone I've talked to who does have one had nothing but good things to say about it. No one mentioned it sticking out too far. I think it's a great classic look!
  5. This is still one of my favorite bags!!!
  6. The BH was my first LV. It does not feel make your arm stick out. The BH sort of tapers up and it's wider down at the bottom than it is at the top. This is why it's not boxy and feels comfy under your arm.
  7. BH is very comfy to wear! I love mine!
  8. My BH is one of my most comfortable bags. It doesn't stick out from your body at all. It molds nicely to you and as it ages the straps become softer with a beautiful patina. This is definitely one of my favorite bags!
  9. I had one and I have to say it is so practical and comfortable! I had the Vertical also and I think the BH is easier to get in and out of. This is a great bag and I wish they would make it in Damier Ebene as well!
  10. You can't go wrong! The BH is the bag I use the most!!! :biggrin:
  11. I have the BH and it's the perfect tote bag. I always recommend it over the NF since it's so lightweight and comfy to carry. The straps are very comfortable and the bag doesn't stick out or make your arm stick out away from your body when you carry it. It stays close to your body (similar to the Galliera) since it doesn't have a stiff boxy type base. It also has the adjustable buckles on the side. It's very classic and doesn't look like a diaper bag like the Totally does IMO.:P
  12. thank you eveyone!! hopefully in the next month i can make a REVEAL!!!
  13. I would LOVVEEE one in damier ebene too! I would be all over that. Right now I am using my Trevi but I was thinking how much I love my BH. It's lightweight and quite roomy. I recently started using the middle notch on the buckle and love that fact that it is adjustable. It is such a comfortable bag. I rotate my bags but always seem to miss my BH!
  14. I'm 5'0" too and this bag does not stick out too far. I love it!! It's so comfortable, my only complaint is that one strap always tends to fall off, but it doesn't bother me because I love my BH soo much!
  15. Love my BH completely, Now I'm looking to get a BV also!!