BH... price increase?

  1. does anyone know if the batignolles horizontal is going to be included in the price increase? i'm really debating on whether or not i should get it now, especially since eluxury is offering free shipping this month. :nuts:
  2. I think so..
  3. i think all items are included this time around... that's what i heard, but don't quote me on that...
  4. buy buy buy! :biggrin:
  5. Does anyone know if there will be a price increase on the Speedy 30/35? I am planning on buying it, but now I am thinking buying it before februari. And does anybody know exactly how much the increase is????

  6. Eluxury has a free ship code? Can you tell me what it is? Thanx :smile:
  7. It's JAN7
  8. i heard ten percent. but domt quote me, i may be confused with chanel or something...

  9. Yes, but I don't think it is across the board -I think certain items are afffected by the price increase - now as far as if the BH is affected? I don't know, it wasn't affected in the last price increase.

    I have one and abosultely LOVE mine!! You should definitely buy yours now and then remember to use ****** - and then you can save an addl 3% or is it 4% - too!!!! Plus, the FREE shipping on ELUX!!!


  10. Thanx!
  11. No one knows for sure which items will be included in the price increase. If you have been considering the Batignolles Horizontal, I would encourage you to get it now (especially considering the fact that it wasn't included in the last price increase). As popular as it is, I think the price will go up this time. Imagine how annoyed you would be if you went to purchase it sometime in February and it was $80 higher! Yikes! I personally own the BH and I think that it's a good investment.
  12. What? Another increase? Is it confirmed? My SA didn't know anything last week.
  13. No it is not confirmed, but everyone on this board has been talking about a price increase for awhile - although many have talked to their SA's and they all have said they know nothing about a price increase either!! So who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :confused1:
  14. Thanks. I guess I don't have to rush to LV store just yet.:p