BH popularity on this forum?

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  1. Is part of the reason BH style is so popular due to it's low price point? Just curious why that particular style is always recommended here...
  2. The bag is popular due to the price and because of the size, IMHO.
  3. Yup, it's a great bag that can go from day to night and is big enough for folders and notebooks. I think in some cases it can even hold a small laptop. It's probably the most practical bag I own and was well worth the price.
  4. I am hoping that I am getting this for my b'day-I love it 1. because of the price, and 2. the size. I think It's a GREAT price, for the size. I also like the look!
  5. I think that's part of it. I just love the shape of it. I was surprised at the price, actually. I loved the look of it before I knew the price point. Does a lower price mean less desirable?
  6. Good price for the size, but I got a Neverfull MM instead because I like the look of this bag for the summer.
  7. You get a lot of bag for the money. It sits nicely on the shoulder. It's roomy. You can adjust the sides to accomodate more stuff. It has a little d-ring to attach a cles or mini pochette. It has an inside zipper pocket. It has a cell phone pocket. It just seems like the perfect bag all around. That's why I want one!
  8. i dunno why lol its not one of the bags on my wishlist
  9. It is a comfy bag. It is also a great price. I also like bigger bags
  10. I want one soooo bad! :smile:
  11. i hardly use mine......

    i bought it when it was most expensive, then price went DOWN about two months after i bought it!!!

    AAAAAAAAAAAA~~~ WHY?!!!:shocked::cursing::bagslap: darn LV!!!!! lol

    so i'm mad at this bag!!! LOL:roflmfao:

    i used it yesterday, it was pretty be able to toss everything in there while running around!
  12. ^I, too is mad cuz I bought it for $810 and two weeks later the price went down. I was scared of the price hike so immediately bought it and to only find out LV decrease the prices. :mad:

    But all and all, this is a great practical bag. Really worth the money.
  13. The BH is definitely a bag mentioned here by many tPF enablers. :p *hehe*

    When I first saw and tried on the BH, I took it off right away because I just didn't like it.

    However, after seeing many tPF members modeling pictures of the BH ..... it made me want to get one.

    I'm getting the BH this weekend for college. :smartass:
  14. I liked BV better...but now I like neverfull better...
  15. I love my BH because it's practical, spacious, versatile, light, easy to carry, great shape, and it was a pretty good price (although I bought it at its highest cost--I mean hubby did). Some day when I get a Damier Neverfull it may replace my beloved BH!