bh or klara

  1. what are your thoughts, tpfers? thank you!
  2. M

    Monogram Klara - I have it and love it. It's also extremely hard to find. Limited piece.:yes:
  3. Im a definate BH girl.
  4. Klara-the BH is pretty regular and common, the Klara is less so.
  5. BH, it just seems much more comfortable to carry all the time.
  6. lol.. you already know my answer!!! KLARA!!!!!

    well.. if you want an everyday bag, go for the BH since you have a small child and might need more 'bag-space'.. but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Klara!!!

    er.. here's a really terrible pic of me in my room.. yes it's extremely messy.. I live literally in a shoebox. :shame:
  7. bh. the klara is too small for me.
  8. Love them both..

    BH: more casual and you can fit more stuff
    Klara: prettier, if your arms not that tiny, you may have the problem with short handles.

    If you can get your hands on Klara, go for it..
  9. i have both, so i'd say it really depends on what you want it for

    the Batignolles Horizontal would be a great everyday bag, especially if you have a lot to carry

    the Klara is very pretty, and it's been discontinued, and it's a great bag for going out, like a day-into-evening kind of bag
  10. I vote for the BH as I have the vienna klara and find it hard for it to stay on my shoulder and get into. It also depends on what you are looking for --everyday bag???
  11. yes, everyday bag. i'd like a shoulder bag...i have liked the klara for a long time- i think it's pretty. and i am a smallish person, so i like the size, too. i also like the bh. my only concerns w/ the klara are using it as a shoulder bag and if it is too think- i read another tpfer did not like the bag for these reasons.
  12. Klara.
  13. The base on the klara is quite wide so your arm has to reach over that...I will post a photo of mine so you can see what I am poorly trying to explain. It is a great shape:heart:
    Picture 021.jpg
  14. do you mind that?
  15. It IS a bit thick, I must admit.. but because I LOVE the bag, I don't let it bother me.

    shalomjude I LOVE your bag too!!!:love: