BH or Hampstead MM, which one?


Hampstead MM or Batignolles Horizontal

  1. Damier Hampstead MM

  2. BH

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  1. Sorry for starting yet another Batignolles Hori thread.

    I have been wanting to replace my Cabas Piano since the bottom got ruined on the train. Was pretty much sold on the BH... but now thinking I like the look of the Hampstead MM.

    Anyone have the Hampstead... opinions please?!

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Batignolles :tup:
  3. Bh!
  4. BH! The hampstead looks and feels stiff and heavy. BH is light and soft and semi structured.
  5. Bh !!!
  6. Bh!
  7. Im the lone lover of the hampstead. I love it, it is a great tote, if you love damier and dont wanna worry about vachetta it is a great bag. yes it is structued, so its great for work or school, it looks great with the plaque. I love it.
  8. BH or Neverfull!!!
  9. B H!!!!!!
  10. I had the BH but sold it. It's a little too wide for regular use but great for work. I tried on the Hamstead MM and fell in love. It's now on my wishlist.
  11. Hmmm...

    I have to admit, the gold plaque is what I find so darn attractive on the Hampstead. I used to own a Parioli which is Damier, but I sold it.. I just didn't feel the love for Damier like monogram.

    The BH is more cost effective as well...

    Thanks everyone for taking the time.. it helps in the decision making process! :tup:
  12. definitely batignolles!
  13. bh gets my vote.
  14. Bh.
  15. Bh.